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Aquilegia photo album

Posted: 10/05/2014 at 22:57

 I think they're McKana.  Several others budding, will post when flower.

disappointing aquilegias

Posted: 09/05/2014 at 22:47

Thanks nutcutlet.  That's very encouraging so I really ought to try it.  Will investigate.


Can anyone identify a seedling?

Posted: 09/05/2014 at 22:40


These seedlings (about 2" high at the moment) have appeared in my wooden tub which has a Kilmarnock willow in it.  Other seedlings have appeared this last couple of weeks which I've identified.  None were deliberately sown or planted in the tub.  It's these ones with the serrated leaves which are intriguing me as I've also found them popping up in other parts of the garden.  I keep thinking that the obvious redness of the stems should be giving me a big clue but I'm just not sure.  The only thing I have in the garden with slightly similar shaped leaves and a strong dark stem nearby this tub is an aruncus but I have no idea if it would self seed.  Anyone know?  I haven't had seedlings like these show up before.

I know seedlings are very difficult sometimes to identify until there's some good growth, but does anyone have any clue about these ones?  Thank you.


Is this trying to die?

Posted: 09/05/2014 at 22:34


I have a Cistus 'Snowfire' which I bought as a tiny thing three years ago.  I was thrilled when it put on so much growth last year.   However, I did the thing which everyone has warned against - ie moving it.   It was in a position where all the stems were leaning in one direction towards the sun so I had thought last week that I'd dig it up and move it to a better position.  BIG mistake! 

Here's the result.  I had taken one cutting before I moved it and it is sitting in water only looking well at the moment.  But my poor original plant.  Here's a photo.  It's errors like this that bring me up short everytime I do something as stupid as this.  Ah well!


What is this?

Posted: 09/05/2014 at 22:23

Thanks Charlie.  It was so tiny to begin with that it's been a real thrill to see it come through the winter with so much growth.  I'm wondering , as per SwissSue's post if I must have put ericaceous compost in there instead of multi-p for it to do so well.  It's such a lovely colour when it blooms early Spring, really cheering. 

disappointing aquilegias

Posted: 09/05/2014 at 22:17

Best of luck with yours Thomas.  I've never had the courage to try them from seed but must try sometime.

disappointing aquilegias

Posted: 08/05/2014 at 23:58


Olive - my aquilegias have also produced a large number of blooms this year compared to previous years.  At the moment the heads look the same as last year and before etc.  I've never pulled any out and had also been wondering if the number of blooms means that they will start losing ground from this year.

 I suppose it means I ought to think about replenishing.  Picture is this week.  The 'Nora Barlow' and 'Black Barlow' which are newer and at the back of these ones only have very tall stems and are beginning to bud at the moment.  My 'Wm. Guinness' (if that's the correct name) was planted a couple of years ago and has never come to anything at all.



Stagnant water butt

Posted: 06/05/2014 at 18:12

All-Change - I'm sorry to come into this conversation with a problem of my own, but on the subject of stagnant water, I too was wondering if it can be poured over the garden.

I did a really stupid thing.  Last year we had builders stuff all over the garden and at the same time someone was wanting rid of two half barrels which had been used as planters.  Being a forager - I took the two half barrels and just left them out in the garden all year until now.  We had loads of slates left from a new roof so to do a half tidy up, I piled the slates into the barrels outside and  left them from this time last year until now.

Last week I started to look over the garden and try to plan how to recover some of the damage and mess which had been left from the building materials lying around for months last year.  And there were the two half barrels full of old slates.  I'd made a couple of small beds already with slates piled up and had thought I might come up with some use for the remainder of them this year. BUt - it seems there were no drainage holes in the half barrels and once I'd pulled out the top layer of slates, both barrels are full of stagnant water.  I hadn't really noticed the smell until I moved the top layer of slates - and believe me, it's not just a smell it's an absolute stink.  I pulled slates out with thick rubber gloves on - and I'm not one to be squeamish usually - but the smell was so bad I could only clear out one barrel.  Both barrels still have this absolutely stinking water in them and I'm really unsure as to whether I can pour it over my little grass area without stinking the place out.  We're surrounded by neighbours and I don't want a problem if the water kind of hangs around, kills my grass or something.

Can anyone advise on whether it's ok to pour it over the tiny lawn in this state of stink?  I was tempted to throw a pile of Milton sterilising tablets into the water but of course that might have a bad effect on the area I pour the water onto.  I don't know at all.

Any advice really welcome.  The barrels will of course get a good scrubbing and holes drilled to use them as planters.  They would make two good ponds I guess but I'm more keen to have them as planters.

What does everyone think?  Is stinking stagnant water the kiss of death to grass and flower borders?


black spots on bush

Posted: 06/05/2014 at 17:45



It's an Aucuba - 'Spotted Laurel'.  I have a couple in a border, one in dappled shade one in shade.  I bought them a few years ago because they were supposed to be trouble-free from pests and diseases and ideal for standing up to city pollution.

They have done really well and are still young.  I've only had them 4 years and have only noticed that mine are not great with frost or high winds and in those conditions they get black bits on the leaves or some of the leaves turn yellow and wither off.   Otherwise they seem to withstand anything.

They don't much like when the ground is soaked and I've read that you should avoid waterlogged ground.  So if you've been in an area hit by the flooding, that may have caused your problem.  I'm in the city in Edinburgh, Scotland though and I have noticed that this year they've had more black on the leaves than ever before.  I cut the affected leaves off a month ago and they have now produced their little flowers.  Because my two are apart from each other they don't produce the red berries/fruits.  They also don't look as sprightly this year as they have always done in the past and have been losing leaves.


 OOPS! Sorry.  You're obviously well aware it's a Spotted Laurel and are only asking about the spots etc.  I totally misinterpreted a simple sentence. Duh!

Identify this bug?

Posted: 06/05/2014 at 09:48

Dave that's fascinating.  I've never seen one of those in our garden and coincidentally there's a fishing accessories shop round the corner.

The leaf the fly is on (I've just dashed out to measure it - completely mad or what!) is only 4cm long so maybe the fly was just only a cm. 

Forester - it looked big to me at the time, an exaggerated feeling probably because I felt it was so creepy when it moved! 

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