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Campanula glomerata 'Genti White'

Posted: 21/06/2017 at 21:06

Have two of these gorgeous plants which have been fine in a little DIY bed at the back garden gate away from the rest of the garden.  It was really where I wheelbarrowed all the small stone dug out of the whole garden and mixed them with piles of soil and some compost a couple of years ago.  So there is nothing in this little bit which is 'precious'.

However, I love these two Campanula 'Genti White' which have been hammered by rain and wind in this corner the last week followed by very hot days with intermittent light showers - which I'm thinking might be the cause of the rust.

BUT - only one plant seems to have developed the rust.  I'm contemplating trying to take as many leaves off as possible and dead-heading and seeing how it goes - but the rust is so severe someone else might advise pulling it out and incinerating it.  (There is a small acer in between both campanulas - I'm not that familiar with acers and only transplanted it there from a pot this spring.  I can't tell from looking at the acer if there is anything affecting it at all.  It's a  pale green but it's always had intermittent brown tips on some leaves after winter and it doesn't seem to have any rust).  Both plants were nicely upright until we had hellish winds a week ago, then the rain and then the heat with showers.

Anyone any advice on what would be best to try?  Many thanks.  It's a messy little thrown together bed well away from the 'main' garden so no evidence that the rust has travelled anywhere else - yet!


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Rose cuttings from a bouquet

Posted: 20/06/2017 at 11:39

Great share.  I haven't had much luck with rose cuttings - but probably because I wasn't very attentive to what I was doing.  Your post has prompted me to make sure and take some cuttings this year from all my roses and to be more determined to pay attention to how I do it.

Your roses are lovely.  Well done.

Poached Egg Plant

Posted: 20/06/2017 at 08:33

Thanks so much everybody.  I had sowed some in 3" pots as well - they are the same as the ones sown in the ground.

I will wait and see how they go.  Thanks for your time.  Much appreciated.

Poached Egg Plant

Posted: 20/06/2017 at 01:14


I sowed Poached Egg Plant Seedlings at the beginning of May - one of those cute little seed packets that says 'Great for kids' and easy to grow.

So where is this 'big kid' going wrong?  I sowed them straight into the ground.  Everything else sowed there has grown away brilliantly.  But NOT these Poached Egg Plant Seedlings.  They have been as you see this one in the photo for about a month now and they seem to have stopped.  Wondering if maybe it's this 'packet' - maybe they were stored in too much heat or something in the shop?

I have a whole little bed which I wanted covered in them at the edges- but my patience is wearing thin.  Are they supposed to be like this for weeks and weeks and not do anything?

Not the end of the world of course - but they're the only things not growing.

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Coral Pink Oriental Poppy

Posted: 19/06/2017 at 22:45

That's for that quick response Posy.  I had thought I'd dig it out - but now I think I will just leave it and see what transpires.

You are right of course, the hosta is too close.  I'm not even very fond of how it looks but it's one which throws out lovely flowers late summer.  I might get rid of it as it seems to be going pale.  If I'm not having lovely pink poppies - I'd like to put something tall but not wide, to allow the poppy the space.  My thought in putting the hosta there was for something when the poppy dies down.  Well, it's sure died down - for now!

Thanks for that.

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Coral Pink Oriental Poppy

Posted: 19/06/2017 at 22:01

I have had a beautiful coral pink oriental poppy for 4 years.  Every year it has about 10 or more flowers.

A month ago I bought metal plant rings advertised as naturally rusting to give the olde worlde look!  Herrumph!  As my oriental poppies always get thrown about in the wind, I plunked in one of the metal plant rings thinking this would hold them all up really well.  The other plant rings are in with roses and all sorts and all have worked really well - but the one on the oriental poppy has rusted a lot with two weeks of rain and then a few hot windy days.  The oriental poppy was coming on great guns a week ago with several buds mid-way down ready for the stalks to pop upwards.

The last few days - the leaves have yellowing and all of the buds seem to have rotted away.  I'm suspecting it must be the plant ring which has caused this.  Does it look like this is the culprit? Can't believe how it has rotted in just two or three days.

!.  Rotted bud

2.  Leaves discoloured

3.  Metal plant ring

The hosta was transplanted behind it a couple of months ago from dividing a huge hosta.  It's the only thing other than the  plant ring which is new to the poppy's vicinity.  I'm thinking that the hosta also is now looking paler than it should with a bit of yellow.

I collected seeds from the poppy last year and they should be growing in this crate along with aquilegia seedlings - but I seem to have three rows instead of two rows and other than the middle row looking like aquilegia - I'm guessing as to the other seedlings.  One lot look more like foxglove (the front row) with maybe a poppy or two in between.  I've had foxglove seedlings popping up all over the garden, in pots, in beds.

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Help identifying 2 plants

Posted: 09/06/2017 at 15:26

I love that orange Hawkweed in the photo.  For years I've been sowing Emilia Irish Poet seeds in the garden - it looks a bit similar I think - and every year they just won't grow in my garden in my wild flower planned area.

Is this a Geranium, what name

Posted: 06/06/2017 at 18:14

That's a gorgeous healthy looking plant.

Cracked terracotta urn

Posted: 06/06/2017 at 17:50

Ooh- thanks nutcutlet.  Will have to wait until the constant rain decides to move on - which according to the forecast here is not until 25th June!!!!  Time to order online I think.

It's gonna rain!

Posted: 06/06/2017 at 17:48

Persistent showers all day in Edinburgh.  South supposed to dry off Wednesday afternoon before more rain.  Gloomy weather net prediction has no peeking sun behind cloud icons (!) until 25th June at least for here.  Wah!   Every year when my peonies and oriental poppies start to bloom - it always rains.  Last year I put an umbrella type cover over them - caused hilarity for any onlookers - but saved them for a week.  Not sure I'll bother this year.

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