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Camera Talk

Posted: 07/06/2016 at 15:31

What an utterly stunning field of lupins.  Wouldn't it be great to see 'unused' areas around the country just planted with surprises.  Think of the smiles it would raise.  Beautiful steephill.

ID would be great

Posted: 07/06/2016 at 01:37

I bought these when they were tiny in 3" pots and thought I'd see how much they would spread maybe around paving stones.  There was no label on them and I forgot to ask what they were.

I can't edge my little patch of grass because a few years ago I made pebble paths without putting edging in first.  Over the years the pebbles sunk into the soil and the grass untidily grows over the pebbles.  I wasn't strong enough to dig the pebbles up and now neither a spade nor a lawn edger can be used as they just hit layers of pebbles.

My lazy idea was to plant these little green things spaced out in the actual remains of the pebble paths and stand tallish pots in between - my sort of cheap shabby French look or something.  It looks ragged but I really like it and makes me feel it takes away a bit from the mess of the no lawn edging!

I'd like to know what these little green cress-like plants are because I haven't been able to find any more and I'd like to duplicate this look in another messy patch.  My lazy gardener approach maybe - but it was a quick fix when I just don't have the energy to deal with the pebbles.

Anyone know what they are called?  They have grown into little mounds about 4" high and have spread to about 8" wide.  I'm also assuming they're likely annuals ? and are not likely to survive the winter where I've planted them.


Posted: 07/06/2016 at 01:20

Guernsey Donkey 2 - after the above discussions, I weakened and bought a couple of fairly mature Mrs Bradshaw's and found one Cooky which is great.

I had 2 what were labelled Lady Stratheden - but I'm wondering if the labels were mixed up where I bought them because one bud has flowered today and it looks the same red as the separately bought Mrs Bradshaws.  Some geums I've had in the past had a bud colour only during the budding time and the colour was different when they flowered fully.  I haven't been able to find any description of Lady Stratheden blooming red first and then turning yellow - so I'm thinking whoever put the labels on the pots has made a mistake.

The Lady Stratheden's were bought some time ago and are in a different part of the garden from the Mrs Bradshaws I planted a few days ago - so I didn't muddle them.  I'm really disappointed, much as I love Bradshaws, that I now have two Strathedens which were planted with a mix of yellow flowers but which now look as if they are bright Bradshaws red!

This was labelled 'Lady Stratheden' - but it doesn't look as if it's going to turn yellow!!!!  Or is it meant to be red first and then turns yellow?  The 2nd bud on the same stem which you see here looks as if it is going to be yellow.

This was a too long explanation of my confusion - sorry about that.  I'm having a day full of senior moments!

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Progress update

Posted: 07/06/2016 at 01:05

All I can see in the box to type messages are the 4 icons on the left side for Bold, Italic, Underscore and a Smiley.  On the top right -  there is what looks like the edge of a box and a Black looks like letter B with a grey background.  I've been able to post pictures by clicking on the top right and it automatically goes to my pc's 'pictures' folder.  This seems like luck as I can't see any logos or words at all at the top right.

I've recently had to upgrade to Windows 10 and am wondering if that's the cause of not seeing what any of the items at the top right of this reply box are.

Camera Talk

Posted: 06/06/2016 at 15:31

GD Sony Cybershots are fantastic bridge cameras.  I had a couple over a few years and moved to DSLR recently and have found that I often wish I had my Cybershot with me at the same time as it produced brilliant photos, particularly the zoom, without all the fiddling I have to do on this DSLR.  Have great fun with your camera.  I found the video on the Cybershots was excellent quality as well.

what's this on my clematis leaves?

Posted: 06/06/2016 at 14:58

plant pauper - I need to gee up with the fairy as well I think.  I'm not experienced with Rose Clear though I bought some this year but always hesitant to use it more than once!  Paranoia about ailing roses!  I'm miffed that absolutely every plant seems to be housing greenfly just now.  This pic is on my strawberry plants (I only have 2 - tiny garden - 2 plants in pots).  Don't want to use Rose Clear on them so it will be a fairy dousing.  I only blasted them with the hose yesterday.  They are driving me mad.

It's the way they just all sit there, hundreds of them - completely oblivious and giving no reaction to my big finger and thumb homing in to squish them.  Every time I squish I shake my hand as if I've just been bitten by something because I'm slightly squeemish with tiny things - but not so with bigger things. LOL!

what's this on my clematis leaves?

Posted: 06/06/2016 at 14:26

sanjy67 - my honeysuckles (new last year and in large pots) have developed those purplings on the leaves as well and since the swarms of greenfly have come to everything this last week, all the new shoots are absolutely covered.  I've given up blasting with the hose every morning before the sun reaches the garden and I'd wondered if my hosing was causing problems.

I have nowhere left in the garden to transplant the two in large pots so am having to leave them where they are in the pots.  I had decided just to leave them and see if things improve as the summer moves along.  Not sure what else to do.   I hadn't thought of using Rose Clear on them so should maybe try that tomorrow morning before the sun hits the garden.


Help I.D. my dwarf 'conifer' please

Posted: 06/06/2016 at 14:14

I agree with Ladybird4.  I have photos of one from the Botanics last year as I loved the colour and it was Hebe armstrongii and it looks as if that is what you have.  But, this is absolutely great to see one with flowers.  Lovely.

Plant Combinations

Posted: 02/06/2016 at 23:45

Last year most of my pots combination included mini petunias called 'Sunset' (I think) which were orangey - and as I had bought a few trays of them (on a very cheap offer) - I had orange all over the garden whereas I'd avoided it before.

This year, as of today, I don't have much in bloom just yet except for one little bed which I'm quite pleased with but still have to finish this year.

I like the fiery orange geum Prinses Juliana (or Julianne?) with the shiny red of the Centranthus Rubra (or Ruber?) - and the 2 heuchera 'Lime Marmalade' are bright light green at the time the Pieris 'Forest Flame' on the right side turned to it's very pale plumage.  I like they way they've worked out so far.  Bottom right are Centaurea (only couple of flowers yet) - but by the time the Pieris changes again to its summer darker green, the roses will be blooming and the colour scheme will change again.    I think I've maybe posted the same pic on this forum related to having to be reminded what the Centrathus plants were called because I'd forgotten.  So apologies if it's the same boring photo.  There's not much else in bloom just now to show any 'combinations'.  Behind the orange geum is a tall bamboo great wall.  There's a obelisk back middle supporting rose 'Grace' which is various shades of yellow but a subtle yellow not bright.  It's on the obelisk this year only because I forgot to prune it in the spring so it's tall and leggy for this year - but - this misfortune means the flowers will be high enough to stand out above the rest of the plants there.  It still needs something though in the gaps at the front and left.  There used to be scabiosa Beujolais Bonnets but I lost both plants in the winter.  They were lovely.

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Overgrown garden

Posted: 02/06/2016 at 23:00

Laura53 - what an exciting summer project for you.  Go with the advice above and clear a bit at a time.  What I'd do first though is clear a space near the house just big enough to have yourself a table and a few chairs so that on those melting hot days doing the clearing - you always have your little space in between bouts of activity to retreat to and have a cuppa and a sit or have something in an ice-bucket.  I always found that when I started my little garden from scratch i.e. made it a garden - having a little place near my door where I could rest in comfort when I wanted to and just observe the chaos was a great boost and it made me feel I could tackle it more enjoyably and not have to retreat into the house whenever I felt like giving up.  That way it became the positive 'my garden' and not the negative 'the' b....dy garden'.  Being part of it and 'in' it was a better inspirational feeling than sitting indoors looking out and constantly saying 'oh not today I really can't face it'.

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