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Dierama pulcherimum (Angels Fishing Rods)

Posted: 29/04/2017 at 18:29

Might end up with two posts here by mistake.  I had already typed this one, it disappeared - and I THINK I'm re-typing the same info.

Update to my '2' plants in the big pot.  Decided to put one in the garden.  Cautiously removed it with soil ball, held it mid-way down the stem and dipped it a few times in the water bucket to clear off the soil.  As I lifted it out it split into three sections - as per photo.  Face fell at this as when I bought both plants, I chose these ones as they looked as if they had enough shoots/leaves to signify a maturity which would mean they were likely to flower over the next 2-3 years at least.  But this one came apart with no human intervention other than a dip in water.  Perhaps I'm unreasonable to be a bit disappointed it's broken up with no pressure, they were quite expensive as single plants - OR maybe they are just like this and come apart so easily?   

Didn't know what to do about these three sections, so have planted them a couple of inches apart in a sort of circle.  I put 3 inches of horticultural grit in the base of the hole and mixed fish,blood and bone with the in-fill soil and watered.  But to be honest, I'm not hoping for anything now for years - if these three cormy bits survive.  (The pot both plants were in had horticultural grit mixed in for over-wintering supposedly to stop too much wet over winter and rotting - maybe it wasn't enough).

The second 'plant' - I just moved to the centre of the pot with it's soil ball so didn't see if it too would likely have split into bits.  Again, just put grit in bottom of hole in pot, fish blood and bone, watered and firmed in.

Not feeling very hopeful about these as I'm imagining that they are not the easiest to get established having read the posts above and am thinking I'll have to wait years and years now in hope of anything near flowering.  But, not the end of the world of course but had I anticipated this fuss (self-inflicted I admit), I might have felt I'd spent the money more wisely. 

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Dierama pulcherimum (Angels Fishing Rods)

Posted: 29/04/2017 at 11:50

Thanks for responding WillDB.  I'm sure I've seen them in pots before - but that was before I got the gardening bug a few years ago and never had the interest to take a closer look at such things.

I have two of these 32" width by 29" depth cream resin pots - they were used before for new roses up to two years before I planted them in the garden.  I'm wondering if one plant in each of these pots would be sensibly big enough with some good drainage grit and a mixture of multi-p and John Innes 2 or 3.

I think I'll give it a try - especially since the weather is so up and down these days, I'd quite like to move them around if we're not going to get sustained decent weather for a while yet.  Mind you, they don't seem to have sustained any damage being out in that pot all winter at the 'experiment' end of the garden which is part-exposed and part-sheltered.

The spots I thought would be good for them in the garden, would still have impact when the flowers are dangling on those lovely wand-like stalks - but in my beds you could only view them from one side, i.e. the front.  I'd thought if they could be sustained in pots - the pots can be moved with the weather and also where you could walk right around them.

I've been asking for advice here, but it sounds as if I'm just trying to convince myself of the pot idea - and get enough encouragement to make me just go and do it!!!!  Gardening eh!  This is what it does to you!

Thanks again WillDB.

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Bird ID

Posted: 29/04/2017 at 11:37

Our goldfinches are harrassed by a couple of families of starlings at the moment who have constantly hungry young in the eves of a neighbours roof.  The starling adults all seem to help each other feeding all the young and swoop down several times a day grabbing all of the mealworms in amongst the sunflower hearts.  Their commitment to this task is astonishing - but our little goldfinches keep being chased away from both the hanging feeders and anything on the ground for the ground feeding birds.  After a couple of weeks of this, the goldfinches are getting smarter at picking times when the starlings are distracted or have gone off somewhere else.

When it's been warm enough to break from gardening and sit on a bench for a while, it is amazing how when it has gone quiet and you think all the birds have gone - I will look up and find that the goldfinches have silently just appeared without my realising.  I love these birds.

Zenjeff - I'm interested in whether that's the end of a pond in your photograph or if it's a feature you have created separately to provide a great drinking and bath area for the birds.  I would like to build something small like that in my grass exactly for the small birds to make use of but I don't want to go to the trouble of having to install a pump to keep water fresh etc.  Maybe something where the water could last a day and slowly drain away on the same day - and just be refilled with fresh every day.  The big birds dominate my bird bath and the little ones never get near.  I also have a 'Fairy in a Clamshell' (I know!  Don't laugh too hard) resin solar fountain thing but it's quite deep.  The magpies love a good splash in there but I can't get anything stable enough to sit within the shape to give a landing place in the water for little birds.  The only thing which worked in this depth was by accident - I had little modules of plants and I used to just float the modules on the top of the clamshell pondy bit to soak them - the little birds used to land on them and sit on them floating around the clamshell for ages on hot summer days.

At the moment I have a large black bucket half full of water with a couple of scented geraniums in, soaking the roots.   I keep forgetting to take them out and a little dunnock comes every day and dives in there and splashes around.  Great fun to watch.

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Jasmine and Cytisus bushes dying :(

Posted: 29/04/2017 at 11:11

Sarah - I absolutely agree with nutcutlet's comments but am also wondering what's the depth of those pots, are there drainage holes in the bottom and what compost have you used?

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My garden

Posted: 29/04/2017 at 11:08

That's stunning, brilliant work and fabulous plants and layout.  Brilliant use of space and loads of interest.  Looks as if it's been there forever - in the most complimentary way.

Dierama pulcherimum (Angels Fishing Rods)

Posted: 29/04/2017 at 11:00

End of last year I bought 2 of these Dierama pulcherimum.  I over-wintered them both in the same 32" wide/29" deep resin pot - and now want to decide their individual futures e.g. big pot for each or into the garden.

The foliage now is exactly the same as it was when I bought them; some leaves just over 20".  I have no idea what age these plants are and they came in 12" deep 8" wide pots.

I think I have identified two reasonable spots for them, reasonably sheltered, good space for growth and where they will make an impact. 

But -  I've been told they are very slow growers and as I have no idea how old these plants were when sold, am wondering if you can tell by the size of the foliage whether these plants are mature enough to reach a flowering stage maybe this year (doubtful?), in the next 2 years - or, as an amateur gardener suggested could be 5 years?

I've been told they don't do well in pots - my original thought was that I wanted each of them planted in separate very large pots so that I could move these pots around to use the plants (when at flowering stage) to make an impact in different places.  I would still favour having both in pots - especially if they are too young to grow to flower as yet.  But - has anyone kept them in pots and were they a success?

I'm on 'the horns of a dilemma' thinking about this - but leaning towards wanting them in pots - but concerned that pots is a considered  big 'no no' for Dierama.  

Any advice gratefully received.

Many thanks.

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Wet boggy clay soil

Posted: 28/04/2017 at 20:20

Some of the candelabra primulas might be good.  Such a great range of them.

Bamboo leaves not developing

Posted: 26/04/2017 at 12:28

Ernie 2 - my two bamboo mostly just have last years leaves on them just now - they really kick off with new foliage around May to June and the rest of the summer.  It may just be the normal timing for yours not to produce more leaves just yet.   I get so much leafy foliage in the summer that I cut a lot of it back to see the lovely bamboo stems - but the stems have grown thicker over the years to look like true bamboo as we imagine it.  All takes time.  But I don't expect foliage to really start kicking off for about another month.

Mystery Shrub

Posted: 26/04/2017 at 12:16

I have a 6 year-old 'Forest Flame' which shows it's three stages just now.  I haven't let it grow taller. The darker red tips, then turn to a sickly salmon, then by summer it goes to the very pale green and then fresh green.  Only a few lily of the valley flowers on it this year.   

I keep it in shape only by pruning new soft shoots as they grow on in early summer and sometimes through the summer I will prune a few more off.  I have in the past cut the woody longer stems coming from below and have had different results.  On another Forest Flame, new shoots never appeared the same year, but did the second.  But it did change the shape with a bit of a gap.  I've seen people quite brutally chop them and it's done no harm but am not that confident myself.

By the summer, when it has turned pale green, it goes well with the blooming of a yellow Rosa Grace, the Lime Marmalade Heuchera you see here and other shades of yellow and green in the rest of the bed.   At this time in Spring, you can't see in the picture, but there are pink/red Dicentra and reddish plants around it which will go down in summer and all becomes yellow and green and white around it.

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Jasmine officinale (common white)

Posted: 26/04/2017 at 12:01

Herewith my 2 year old Jasmine officinale in an 18" by 18" pot, sheltered position, great bloomer in summer.

Had frost last two nights - leaves and entire plant now don't look good.  I had prepared for frost only by tying a few layers of thick cardboard around the pot and putting a 3" mulch of bark chippings in the top of the pot around the stems.  Also the wind has been pretty brutal with a definite wind chill.

However, a week ago - I had planted new David Austin roses and had hoed in provided David Austin rose feed pellets.  I had a handful of pellets left and had thrown them into the Jasmine pot followed by a watering can full of water.  Plant was perfectly healthy at this time.

I'm assuming the frost has actually got to the plant as it now just looks crisp, pretty dead and you can see the leaves here.  I'm wondering if using the rose pellets maybe didn't help either.

I'm thinking of just giving it a water and putting it in a little cool dry area under the house until the weather improves but not sure whether to prune it down removing all the damaged leaves and probably cutting back the stems.  Does this sound a wise thing to do?


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