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Hello Forkers - April edition

Posted: Today at 14:43

No remortgage necessary Fairy, got waylaid in the garden and never got to Ashwoods.  I've planted out some dark purple and pink wallflowers grown from seed.  Should be glorious next spring.  Also planted out a couple of Alchemelia Mollis, I know they seed around but don't think they are too hard to pull up.

Hope things go well this afternoon DD.

Mmm still time to pop to ashwoods

Rust on Hollyhocks

Posted: Today at 11:30

I'm giving Hollyhock Antwerp a try this year grown from seed.  They are supposed to be rust resiliant.   In previous years I've had signs of rust on plants just 6" or so tall but so far so good.  I'll let you know how I get on.

Hello Forkers - April edition

Posted: Today at 11:25

Morning all, weather seems to be brightening up here, thinking of popping out to Ashwoods, just for a look around, not going to buy anything

Hope they sort you out soon Hosta.

Welcome Kayleigh.

Sorry to hear the family were poorly LilyP, but I bet you had lots of cuddles.

Creating a Wildlife Pond

Posted: Yesterday at 14:40

No, not so much as a pea.  Had raspberry canes in this garden when I moved in but I removed them because they seemed to take over the garden.  Still not sure I have a suitable spot yet but watch this space.

patience is a virtue

Posted: Yesterday at 13:36

Love growing from seed.  If you fail you haven't wasted a fortune, but when you succeed it's a great feeling.


Posted: Yesterday at 12:33

If you are planting clematis together just make sure they are in the same pruning group, otherwise it might be tricky.

Hello Forkers - April edition

Posted: Yesterday at 12:15


Resurrected Twelve

Posted: Yesterday at 10:54

I was lucky LB flat shoes were fashionable in my teens so never had to resort to heels.  Secondborn on the other hand was a bit of a fashionista and wore high wedges and heels.  She now has two bunions, oops sorry, not allowed to call them bunions.  She has named them Audrey(Hepburn) and Marilyn(Monroe).

What tools does a new gardener need?

Posted: Yesterday at 10:47

Crossed in the post Pete8.  As you can see NiniS more than one way to skin a rabbit as they say.

What tools does a new gardener need?

Posted: Yesterday at 10:42

I'd echo what LB has said, apart from the compost bit as I don't do that.  The other thing you will need is a good strong back but unfortunately you can't buy one of those 

The only thing I would add is be careful how you handle those weeds.  Don't be tempted to rotavate the area unless you have an idea what weeds are growing as you could make things worse if you have any real nasties.  I'd probably weed by hand and and then identify which weeds come back. You could then check how best to treat them. 

Good luck with the garden

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