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Blackbirds in the mower shed

Posted: Yesterday at 20:58

Thanks Beaus Mum such lovely photos.  While I was sitting in the conservatory a few days ago I heard a bump and there was a sparrow lying on the ground he had hit the window.  I picked him up and held him, his eyes were flicking and I could feel his heart beating but he had obviously gone into shock as he was rigid.  I stroked him for about five minutes and eventually he started to move and finally flew away.  I have now bought those horibble stickers for the doors, I really dont like them but I dont want any other birds to hit the glass.  At a previous house we had a sparrow hawk hit the window and break his neck it was horrible, so I guess Ill just have to put up with the stickers.


Posted: Yesterday at 20:49

I hate internet providers, after a promise from sky that 'my service wouldnt be interupted all' when I changed from virgin.  I had 5 weeks without the internet and at that time I worked from home.  I gave a few choice words to the man who was 'managing my expectations' I can tell you.  Anyway this would have been a perfect topic for the Get it Off Your Chest Thread, I reckon it would run for weeks.

Garden Gallery 2014

Posted: Yesterday at 20:40

That one is not too bad Victoria but you should see the white one further along the fence its a disaster,  they were all new for this year.  I think Ill keep the pink but dig up the white,  Im growing some chaters salmon which should go in for next year then Im trying Antwerp for the year after I mentioned it on another thread I think, they are supposed to be rust resistant.  We'll see.

Shabby Chic Anyone?

Posted: Yesterday at 20:36

Yes artjak it is.  Beaus mum didnt see the blackbirds nest threat was it a while ago, could have been before I joined.

Pesky pigeons

Posted: Yesterday at 20:31

Birds are more likely to peck yellow flowers than any other colour because thats the colour that attracts most insects.  Yellow crocus are a prime example.  Blackbirds always go for yellow crocus over the other colours

garden help

Posted: Yesterday at 20:16

I would imagine that anyone waiting on an allotments list might be keen, but Ive no idea how you find out who is on the list

Disease resistant roses

Posted: Yesterday at 20:08

Hi Fluffy, Im growing Mayflower which is a pink David Austin rose and its supposed to be disease free there is also a white one from the same sport that is also disease free but I cant remember the name.  Check out the DA website, they always give a guide regarding disease resistance and so far what they have said has been true.  I pick my roses based on smell and resistance to disease and I really dont have any problems, just one spray early on in the season and feed them well and thats all.

Garden Gallery 2014

Posted: Yesterday at 20:01

Welcome Ladybird, I saw the offer but really couldnt fit that many in but it seems like a great deal if you need to stock up.  Wintersong what fab piccies, love the daisies. Now Victoria re Hollyhocks how do you manage to keep them free of rust.   Mine are at the back of the border and each year I spray but cannot keep the rust away.  Im rearranging the border for next  year so Im hoping to leave a bit more space for them in the hope that having a bit of air circulating will help.  Any tips would be gratefully received. Bizzie that veg garden looks great, Ive never grown any but since being on the forum I must admit that Im starting to think it might be a good idea, the problem is I dont have space and I couldnt manage any sort of allotment.

Shabby Chic Anyone?

Posted: Yesterday at 19:48

Beaus Mum, where on earth do you keep all those mags! I keep twelve months worth the others get passed on to different people, I hate giving them away but I really dont know where I'd put them all.  I have bought seeds for sunflowers for next year so I'll keep my eyes out for a jug like Artjaks.  I too spend a fortune on feeding the birds so I wont feel guilty about picking a few if they grow.  I seem to have had every sparrow in the west midlands visit me today the noise was terrific and then silence.  A sparrow hawk visited me and sat on the fence for about 4 minutes.   He flew off and you could have heard a pin drop in the garden for at least an hour.  Im also getting a lot of blackbirds at the moment as the rowan tree has berries and they seem to love them.  This afternoon when I was sitting down in the garden next to the bird bath a very big wood pidgeon came along and sat in it soaking his feet, you could just see the look of relief on his face he stayed there for ages.

Front Garden Stars

Posted: Yesterday at 19:37

A beautiful garden Pete and that Acer is amazing.  I planted one last years so in 40 years Ill get someone to post a piccy.

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