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Love your garden

Posted: Today at 09:07

Im with Dove on this one, used to watch but started to get too sentimental, cant watch the DIY stuff thats similar, really dont like programmes or books that make me cry, too much sadness in the world so prefer to watch things that make me laugh or that I know are fictional.  Im not keen on reality TV prefer drama and I never watch or read celebrity stuff basically because Im just not interested in what they do or how they behave. 


Posted: Today at 08:46

Most info Ive read up on this seems to say take the stem too, so I do. With candytuft I'd be tempted to give it the chop like I do with pansies and wallflowers and see if it gives it a second wind, I havent grown it so cant say definitely.


Posted: Today at 08:37

Morning fellow forkers, another beautiful day.  Sorry opening ceremony of what, dont watch TV in the summer when the weather if good and Ive even stopped catching up on the news as its all war and murder at the moment.  I think its probably atheletics but now you're all going to roar with laughter and its probably something totally different.  Great idea re the potting bench from pallets did see few similar ideas on tinternet when I was setting up my teeny tiny greenhouse but bought one in the sale in the end.  Have just got some clear film for the apex of the conservatory, in the evening the glare makes it difficult to sit in there, so hopefully hubby with help put that up today.  Mrs G hope the bites tont itch too much I was eaten alive the other night so will join you in your unusual brekkie.  Panda, it looks like you are having a lovely relaxing time, not sure how long you have left of your hols but enjoy.


Posted: Yesterday at 22:43

Feeling tired now after a busy day so Ill say night night to everyone.

Gardens we Have Visited 2014

Posted: Yesterday at 22:34

Great piccies Mrs G glad you found them.

Gardens we Have Visited 2014

Posted: Yesterday at 21:50

Sorry about your phots Mrs G, hope someone can help you get them back.

What's the star in your garden right now

Posted: Yesterday at 21:41

Lovely piccies everyone some nice colour combos to steal.


Posted: Yesterday at 21:31

Hi folks,  sorry about your bad new Lizzie know exactly how your daughter feels we were burgled three days before Christmas a few years ago, not nice at all.  Panda it looks like you're having a really great time,  hope you get chance for a paddle.  Been very busy today went to the Dorothy Clive Gardens Ive posted piccies, take a look if you have time it was absolutely beautiful and the cake and scones were ab fab.Also went to GC and nearly got tempted by a beautiful outdoor dining set in a lovely shade of bluey green, if I was still at work it would be in the bag, however I wouldnt have much time to enjoy it would I, so Ill make do with my rickety old table and chairs.  When I came back I did a bit of hoeing and edged the lawns decided not to mow this week as its a bit too hot. Watered pots and relaxing now before bed.  We had a lovely breeze today so it made the heat more pleasant.  Off to have a look around ta ta for now.

Gardens we Have Visited 2014

Posted: Yesterday at 21:21

Hi folks,  Visited Dorothy Clive Gardens today which is on the Cheshire, Staffordshire, Shropshire Border not far from Market Drayton.  Absolutely beautiful here are my photos

 The gardens are laid out over a hillside and were created in 1940 by Colonel Harry Clive in honour of his wife Dorothy.  How romantic, its as much as I can do to get hubby to mow the lawn!!!! Will definitely go back in the spring when the laburnam walk and azalea walk are in full flow they looked fantastic.


Posted: Yesterday at 10:57

Morning all,  Hope everyone has a good day, hope all the salt miners have air con.  Sorry to hear about your Dad Lesley, Im sure he will be fine so dont worry too much while you are away.   Mrs Garden hope you sort Roland out, I remember rats from when I was young as we had a brook at the bottom of the garden, cant stand them. I think Edd has lots of brugmansias in his conservatory (just a joke).  Pauline you havent missed all of us, I usually pop in too late for most people and when I go on line at night they are all usually off to bed.  Cant stay today though as I need to shower before setting off to CG with my friend. TTFN

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