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Geranium rozanne

Posted: Today at 21:43

Most of my geraniums are only just beginning to show again.  Haven't checked Rozanne. Don't panic yet.


Posted: Today at 21:26

I think you may lose the flowers if you move them, or at least put them back as the plant will be trying to establish itself rather than produce flowers.  I don't think you will kill it as long as your make sure the new site is as suitable or even better than the old one.  Lilac's like the sunshine and prefer humus rich well drained soil that is neutral to alkaline. Make sure you take up a good amount of soil with the rootball.


Posted: Today at 21:17

Hosta, after I hit the badger he ran off.  Don't know what happened to him, but I do know that the repair bill for the car was £800.  Not small are they badgers.

LOL about the old deer.

what licence to sell produce do I get?

Posted: Today at 15:57

No idea Chloe,  I see lots of people who put tables outside their homes with honesty boxes selling plants and produce, I don't suspect they have a licence.  However, I expect if you want to do it commercially such as on a market stall you would need to have one.  I'd take a look on your local council website.

I wished I never seen it

Posted: Today at 15:37

Mad Men is on Catch up TV (Atlantic)


Posted: Today at 15:26

Oh, the logo was all over the car, not the badger!!!!


Posted: Today at 15:26

We used to have annual awards when I worked at the Wildlife Trust.  One year I won the most embarassing incident award.  I ran over a badger in my works car .   The Trust's logo is a badger and it was plastered all over the car.  For weeks I thought it might pop up on Youtube.


Posted: Today at 12:49

I wish this weather would improve I really want to get out in the garden but it's vile out there at the moment really rainy and blowing a gale.


Posted: Today at 12:14

Oh I can't imagine BM.  Now let me think....


Posted: Today at 11:50

Ooh Rhubarb Crumble another of my fabourites.

Dove for the first time I've seen robins feeding from my hanging fat ball feeders.  We've also had a blackbird that's been doing the same.  Only ever seen them ground feeding or on bird tables before.

Sure I'm going to get baby robins this year.  A pair have been spending so much time in the garden.

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