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Cuttings Advice Please

Posted: Today at 17:02

This is the first year that I have had a GH and I have taken some cuttings.  At the moment I have pelargonium, lavender, penstemmon and coleus.I have put them on self watering trays but not sure if I am doing the right thing.  I really am not sure how to water them over the winter and would be grateful for some advice. 

Lupins from seed

Posted: Today at 16:58

Well, lupins and hollyhocks planted so we'll see how they go.

Shabby Chic Anyone?

Posted: Today at 16:55

Been too busy today to relax BM.  Ive been deadheading, planting bulbs, hellebore, lupins and hollyhocks for next year.  Just about to go in the shower to remove all the grime before visiting mum. I'm hoping to catch up on a bit of tv this evening and free up some space on the planner after the holiday.


Posted: Today at 16:50

Just planted three oval pots with Narcissus Baby Moon, Muscari Blue Angel and Crocus Whitewell Purple. Have put a few pansies in to give it a bit of interest until the bulbs appear. According to the packets I should get colour from Feb until April.  The squirrel was watching me while I planted licking his lips.  I have put some chicken wire about 1" below the surface to foil his dastardley plans. Fingers crossed.

Ive also been deadheading today and found that my large red poppies that had disappeared underground have re-emerged, the way things are going they will probably flower around November!!!!  Ive also got wallflowers beginning to flower.

Shabby Chic Anyone?

Posted: Today at 13:14

Cast Iron envy BM.  Love the blue and white agapanthus and your planting infront of the shed is really coming along.

You're right Fairy when I posted the pic of my brolly earlier in the year I couldnt believe it was my patio it looked so nice.  Much nicer than in real life.


Posted: Today at 10:35

I really want it to rain just one good downpour, preferably overnight the garden could really do with it.  Are you back at the salt mines now Bekkie.

what's plants do you have in your greenhouse right now.

Posted: Today at 10:33

Oh Ive also got

Cosmos Choccomocca

Coleus cuttings

Stephanosis (spelling)

Purple daisies that close at night (cant think of the name but love the colour so want to make sure they overwinter)




Posted: Today at 10:27

No chance, unfortunately I made too good a job of the shed and hubby has suggested I have a go at the bathroom.  I knew I shouldn't have broken my golden rule. I usually make a hash of painting and hubby then takes over to put the problem right and finish the task.  It's worked for 40 years and I go and ruin all that hard work.

Lupins from seed

Posted: Today at 10:20

Thanks Victoria, I'm going for it.  They will be planted out within the week.  What do you think about hollyhocks, they were planted at about the same time and they are also about 1ft tall and very sturdy.


Posted: Today at 10:16

Bekkie my nails were lovely on holiday all long and pink.  It took about 24 hours for them to become broken and dirty. Ah well back to normality.

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