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Resurrected Twenty-Three

Posted: 03/09/2017 at 11:36

Hi folks still sunning myself in Turkey. Ducks got bored swimming in the sea so they had a jacuzzi 

Followed by a dip in the pool 

Which Yellow Rose

Posted: 01/09/2017 at 02:44

Golden Beauty is a good one lovely colour, good repeater and disease resistant. 

Resurrected Twenty-Three

Posted: 31/08/2017 at 16:46

Hi folks. Hope everyone is well. Staying at posh hotel for the second week. Trying to behave mmyself but it's not easy. Here are a couple of photos taken at the hotel

Oh I wish I could swim 

Hello Forkers ... August edition

Posted: 31/08/2017 at 15:54

Oh sorry it's upside down. Posting from phone. Don't know how to turn it around. 

Hello Forkers ... August edition

Posted: 31/08/2017 at 15:53

Hi folks. Hope evertone is well. One week downand another to go we have moved hotel for the second week.  Daniel Craig stayed here during the filming of Skyfall. A bit posh for me so need to be on my best behaviour. 

Hello Forkers ... August edition

Posted: 22/08/2017 at 20:38

Hi folks, Hope everyone is OK.  I'm still packing for tomorrow's holiday so haven't had any time to read back.

I just thought I would let you know that Secondborn's wedding was beautiful and share a few photos of her wedding flowers.

Resurrected Twenty-Two

Posted: 22/08/2017 at 20:32

Hi folks, Hope everyone is OK. I'm off on hols tomorrow and I'm still packing so haven't found the time to read back.

Just thought I would let you know that Secondborn's wedding was beautiful and share a few pictures of the wedding flowers with you.

Resurrected Twenty-Two

Posted: 19/08/2017 at 16:25

Afternoon all,  Thanks for all your good wishes re Firstborn.  After the good news yesterday I spent the rest of the day looking after Jonah so lots of kisses and cuddles.  Have spoilt myself today with a pedicure, manicure and eyelash and brow tint at the local salon, so feel very relaxed and pampered.

Tomorrow I'm taking wedding dress and cake down to the venue and there will be a quick rehearsal for the bridesmaids before the big day on Monday.

Please pass on my congrats re apprenticeship Sussex, bet you and Paul are very proud.

LB that cake looks scrummy.

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the weekend despite the weather.

Hello Forkers ... August edition

Posted: 19/08/2017 at 15:55

Afternoon all,  thank you for all your good wishes re Firstborn.  After the good news I spent the day cuddling and playing with Jonah and today I have been getting nails and eyes sorted at the salon, even treated myself to a pedicure. Tomorrow I'm off to the venue to deliver cake and wedding dress and attend a rehearsal.  All we need now is the weather but it's not looking too clever at the moment.  The ceremony will be outside if the rain holds off.

Sorry to hear you are poorly Pat hope you feel better soon.  Hosta hope they can sort out your problem now that they carried out the tests.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

Hello Forkers ... August edition

Posted: 18/08/2017 at 12:56

Just popped on to tell you that Firstborn's tumour is benign, I can breath again now. 

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