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Get if off your chest.

Posted: 06/08/2014 at 21:46

Zoomer its a Russian Vine, a real menace, I'm not sure what you can do legally. 


Posted: 06/08/2014 at 20:02

Sorry I did buy something today I forgot but you just reminded me.  Strawberry and champagne Jam.

A Senior Moment.

Posted: 06/08/2014 at 19:56

Hubby is as bad as me.  He queued for ages in the post office to get his car tax only to realise that since he got it the last time it had changed into the local family planning clinic (surely the posters would have told him)

He also packed his bag for the gym in the dark and when he whipped out his underwear (in front of some very butch bodybuilders) hed packed a pair of black lace panties by mistake.  Both things hapenned on the same day!

What's the star in your garden right now

Posted: 06/08/2014 at 19:44

Verdun, Fab photos, I really fancy agastache black adder but is it invasive and does it always grow so large.  What sort of environment does it like.


Posted: 06/08/2014 at 19:26

Well, Ive had a very strange day indeed.  After taking delivery of plants from Kelways I went out with my friend to a garden centre and I didnt buy anything.  Then we decided to pop into another garden centre and I didnt buy anything.  We then drove to David Austin Roses AND I DIDNT BUY ANYTHING. I think I'm sick.

An ENVY thread....

Posted: 06/08/2014 at 11:35

The garden I have used to be walled and very big but it was split up a long time ago.  I didnt get any of the walled bit next door has the wall on his left side and another bit of the wall is on the far side of the drive to my right god  knows where the bottom part is.  I have always wanted a walled garden so I am very envious of anyone who has.  Im also envious of anyone who has a large healthy honeysuckle near to their door.  I love the smell but can never seem to get one going. Oh and minton tiled hall floors.  I have a red and black clay tiled floor but a minton would be my ideal, Ill stop now even though I could go on all day.

My Garden - Past, Present and Future

Posted: 06/08/2014 at 11:17

LP beautiful garden it must be so rewarding to see the garden brought back to its former glory.  Im a bit of a country/cottage gardener but can also appreciate the more formal symetrical look.  I only have a small garden and believe me thats never finished to i can empathise with you on that one.  Never be worried about posting there is a real mixed bag of people using the forum and no one is ever over critical,  sometimes its much better to get advice off real people rather than relying on books or t'internet.

jersey plant direct

Posted: 06/08/2014 at 11:09

Hi Anthony would you mind just putting a note on the good guys as its a great thread to check before making a big purchase to find out what people say about your potential supplier.

Shabby Chic Anyone?

Posted: 06/08/2014 at 11:04

Flowers all look great, you would look lovely on my table SGL.  I have real jug envy and the moment, the blue one looks really good next to the birdies and I love the terracota one, right up my street.

The door looks fab BM much better than UPVC and I love the colour of that lobelia.

Obelixx hope you are feeling OK following the op.  I wonder if you are male or female, I have you as a male in my head but maybe I'm wrong.

......the good guys

Posted: 06/08/2014 at 10:53

Hi folks, Kelways get my seal of approval today.  A few days ago I was shopping on their site and was going to order a Sarah Bernhardt peony and Cimmeron Strip Irises but before I paid I noticed the expected delivery might fall during my holiday so I didnt order.  Received an email the next day saying that they had noticed I had not completed my order and asking if there was a problem. I emailed them back saying no real problem just worried about the delivery date.  They replied saying they would deliver on a guaranteed day and if I wished to complete my order just call them.  This I did, they took payment over the phone and the irises and the peony arrived today well packaged and in perfect condition.  That for me is great service and also good business. Gold star.

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