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Posted: 24/05/2015 at 13:25

Doesn't look like I will get the lawns cut, it's raining here now and very cloudy.  Hubby has taken grandchildren out for a while so that Firstborn and I can have a catch up over a cuppa.  Don't know where he's taking them but I assume it will include E numbers.


Posted: 24/05/2015 at 09:07

Morning all, grey and a bit drizzely here.  Not cold though.  No damage in the garden today although there are quite a few pigeon feathers floating about. 

Feeling really tired today, have to get ready for Cornwall and grandchildren and Firstborn are coming over to see Nanny Sticks (my mum, so called because she used to use two walking sticks when she was mobile). 

No gardening planned for today apart from giving the lawns a quick once over weather permitting.

Last of the chelsea coverage to watch, must say my 'plant wish list' has certainly grown over the last few days.

Hope everyone has a good Sunday.

Chelsea pictures 2015

Posted: 23/05/2015 at 22:07

Matty I've done some internet searching and Chris used two blue iris.

Iris Mer du Sud
Iris Sable

Magpie Burying Nuts

Posted: 23/05/2015 at 21:19

Me neither but it was always very entertaining to watch.

Chelsea pictures 2015

Posted: 23/05/2015 at 21:18

I'd like to know too Matty it's beautiful.

Magpie Burying Nuts

Posted: 23/05/2015 at 21:12

Pansy that used to happen frequently in one of my old gardens, the squirrel and the magpie used to fight like cat and dog.


Posted: 23/05/2015 at 18:21

Meant to mention, I think I had another visit from brer fox last night.  My irises were damaged, an allium broken off and a number of smaller plants dug up.  I wish he'd find a new place to visit. 

Chris Beardshaw et moi ;-)

Posted: 23/05/2015 at 18:11

Thats one I've got earmarked.  I have 2 tangerine geums just looking for a companion.

Unknown bulb

Posted: 23/05/2015 at 18:09

Think they are Ornithogalum nutans part of the Star of Bethlehem family.


Posted: 23/05/2015 at 18:00

I booked my place ages ago Verdun so don't you dare close that bridge until I'm well and truly over it.

Warm and close here for most of the day but the sun has come out a little now.  Have been busy today sorting out the irrigation system so pots etc stay watered while I am away.  Have also cut the hedge and trimmed the Pittosporum and the Euonymus into shape. Just need to mow lawns tomorrow.

Mind you the house is like a tip and I still have washing to doso I guess I'm not quite ready yet.



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