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Garden Gallery 2017

Posted: 25/06/2017 at 14:35

Great piccies everyone, love this thread.

GD2 Sorry to hear about the ph problems with the pond, especially as it looks so good.  You asked me a question a while back re the names of the roses I posted.  Sorry it's taken a while but I have not been around.  The names are as follows top to bottom.

Golden Beauty

Mortimer Sackler

Gertrude Jekyll

Munstead Wood

For your eyes only

No idea I inherited it (that's a statement not a name)

Claire Austin

Myrtle Communis

Posted: 25/06/2017 at 14:05

Well I've bought one and planted it.  Will keep you posted how it fares.

Resurrected Sixteen

Posted: 25/06/2017 at 13:28

Hi folks,  Not been around for a while as I've been on nanna duty for a week or so.  Haven't read back as I suspect it would take quite a while they way you lot chatter.

Hope everyone is fit and well.  I've got a back problem at the moment, sleeping in a different bed I suspect.  Have been gardening this morning, deadheading and tidying.  Not planning on doing much else today as really tired.  Next week is much quieter so looking forward to having a bit more time to gossip and relax.

Hello Forkers ... June Edition

Posted: 25/06/2017 at 13:20

Afternoon all, Haven't been around or a while as I have just done a marathon nanna duty.  Secondborn has been doing some moderating to save extra cash for her wedding in August.  The weather has been glorious hasn't it.  A bit cooler now and I've been busy catching up on gardening  this morning.  Lots of deadheading and tidying.

Have been having to take it steady as back is really playing up (think it's sleeping in a different bed).  Had a day with Merri yesterday, went shopping at Merry Hill and then went out for a Turkish Meal last night.  Don't spend as much time with her these days so it was lovely to have the day together.

Haven't read back but hope everyone is well.

Garden Gallery 2017

Posted: 16/06/2017 at 20:57

Here are a few piccies taken this week.

Gardeners' World Live 2017

Posted: 16/06/2017 at 20:10

Suz, my grandaughters always use the word froof, very similar LOL.

Nice to hear from you Steve.  Didn't go to Gardener's World this year, went to Chelsea instead.  Went a few years ago and really enjoyed it.  Think I might try Chatsworth next year.

Resurrected Sixteen

Posted: 16/06/2017 at 19:55

MU just read back and thought you 'weren't coming out to play  because you were straining' bit too much info I thought

Been out to David Austin roses today, didn't buy one, haven't got any room but really do fancy Lark Ascending and Little White Pet.  Wonder if I can get rid of a bit more lawn.

Spent an hour or two deadheading this afternoon. Have a really busy week ahead of me, Merri's show tomorrow.  Looking after Jonah while secondborn goes to wedding venue on Sunday and will be babysitting him on Monday, Wed, Thurs and Fri while she goes to work.  Also, it's Mabels 4th birthday on Tuesday so might be going over there.  What a week.

Droopy blooms- roses x 2

Posted: 16/06/2017 at 18:53

Hi Lizzie, Mortimer Sackler grows into a huge rose and IMO really isn't suited to a planter, I have two and they are currently about 10ft tall 5ft wide and still growing.  Go onto David Austin's web site and check whether the varieties you have are recommended for containers (they will also tell you if the will thrive in shade).  If they are they should be in a large container with John Innes 3 and they would need a really good soaking at least twice a week and feeding regularly.

Plant ID please

Posted: 16/06/2017 at 18:45

Looks like comfrey to me.  The bane of my life.  Although Foxgloves and comfrey do look alike.  Someone will probably come along soon and confirm one way or another.


Posted: 16/06/2017 at 18:42

I've just pulled a load of really dried dead leaves off one of my geums but they were last years.  I usually just deadhead them and the leaves are usually OK.  I'm expecting them to continue flowering for months yet.

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