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Looking for a good gardening gropu

Posted: 23/04/2012 at 13:36

Hi all, I live in Marlborough, Wiltshire and I am looking for a gardening group to join where I can learn new skills and pick up some good advice.  I am looking for a group that is happy to get new gardeners and not just ones who are old hat at it. I dont want to feel as though I am in a different leage even though I know I am! If anyone knows of a group that they feel would be good for me I would love to hear form you, or eve if anyone is thinking of setting up a group in my area.

Cheerio Yvonne

What to do!!

Posted: 23/04/2012 at 13:31

Thats another great idea, and yes you are completey right with the relaxing...So hard to do at times though as I dont want to leave things messy...I need to do a job that I can complete then move on to the next....! Ive never heard of plant swaps but thats something i'm going to look into.  I am going to be inundated with Lupins....i have planted 3 various types from seed in my greenhouse and i think every one has taken! lol

Garden Gallery

Posted: 23/04/2012 at 13:25

Wow...I have so much to learn from you all

What to do!!

Posted: 23/04/2012 at 13:06

Hi guys, thanks for those pointers, I have thought about shaping the borders but I think ive been put off as its the cost of filling them with plants! Ive just been fortunate enought to get hold of a second hand greenhosue in great condition that i am trying to grow various perennials in, in the hope that this will fill gaps.  I did join a gardening group near where we live but felt like they were only really interested in established gardens and not ones like mine, so i never went back! My lawn is about 30 x 90 feet so a good size but as my boys are now older I dont need a lawn, just a little would be good. It was much bigger when we moved in but I am sectioned of about 30 x 30 at the top of the garden and i'm curenttly attempting to grow veggies...I love being in the garden i just wished i knew more than I do, and if im totally honest im not a pick a book up a book and learn type of girl! lol

Cheerio Yvonne

What to do!!

Posted: 23/04/2012 at 12:15

Hi everyone, please allow me to pick your brains.  I have no background of horticulture what so ever and have no family members with knowlede either.  Having moved into our own home with a large garden after spening 23 years in military accomodation with nothing is somewhat daunting.  We moved in 3 years ago and what was there was very run down, so basically just cleared all the weeds and re seeded a new lawn.  this took great and the following year i put in a small border near to the house, and this looks good to, then last year I did the same with the long borders and have started to plant this out, problem is it just looks like a large piece of grass with a few plants around the edge! What can I do to soften it and make it into an interesting garden? I'm scared that I will ruin the new lawn, put plants in the wrong place etc etc etc.....god I so wish I have a fairy garden mother that could fly over and give me some advice and guidance.  Any ideas folk?

Cheerio Yvonne


Posted: 29/03/2012 at 23:51

Hi, for the past 3 years I have also had this problem and I found the solution in a product called Verdona....You add it to water and put it on your lawn with a watering can...It is safe from children and animals and I guarentee it will work...the beauty of this product is it doesnt affect your lawn in any way, its actually a hormone that makes the weeds grow really fast and in doing so they kill themselves. takes about 10 days or so to notice a difference but i only do this once a season and i never have a problem...you can buy it at most garden centres...good luck Yvonne 


Posted: 29/03/2012 at 23:44

Hi all, I planted a Peonie (variaty not known sorry, I have mislaid the tag) about 2 years ago and each year it crown beautifully, problem is I have had no flowers! Today I have noticed new growth from the ground as normal, really healthy looking and wondered if this is the right time to be seeing this and also if it is going to flower when should this happen?

Many thanks Yvonne

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