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compost in dustbins and alpaca poo

Posted: 20/03/2014 at 10:06

I have a very small garden, so no space for a proper compost area.  However I put all my vegetable waste and garden cuttings etc into a plastic dustbin, which goes to the local tip every couple of months.  Is there any way I could make compost from this, and if so, how long will t take to process?


Also, we have alpacas locally, and I have been told their poo is good for the garden.  Is this right, and if so, what plants would benefit from it?

Potatoes falling over

Posted: 11/07/2013 at 19:18

I think I have a similar problem, I have paatoes in pots, with around 2 feet of foliage on.  I wondered I should tie it up, or if it would harm the crop if I cut some of the length off - ie would the energy going into the leaf then be transferred into the growing potato?

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compost in dustbins and alpaca poo

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