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New allotment OMG...Part 2...

Posted: 19/11/2016 at 20:57

Didn't get to the plot, it rained most of the day. 

 I've quite a few winter jobs, we get alot of vermin, if the winters sever rabbits eat the bark off fruit trees so they need protecting, I've to make abase for a GH and was going to add an extra bay to the compost area...

New allotment OMG...Part 2...

Posted: 18/11/2016 at 20:03

Would like some cape gooseberri, Gg 

Presumably the pumpkin seeds are sown Apr/May. I got them as seedlings from a guy on the allotments. He goes regularly so will ask and let you know.

Wind and rain arrived here today hope it's better tomorrow hoping to go to plot in the morning.

New allotment OMG...Part 2...

Posted: 15/11/2016 at 23:28

Happy just to give unless you have any surplus, I do have lots of seeds though both flowers and veg as I get free packets from mags.

New allotment OMG...Part 2...

Posted: 15/11/2016 at 22:48

Gg. Your seeds have been posted.

Monty Don talk @ Preston Guild Hall Nov 2016

Posted: 14/11/2016 at 22:04

Glad you enjoyed the evening we tried to get tickets but left it to late, only tickets left were on row 'w' so we didn't go.

New allotment OMG...Part 2...

Posted: 13/11/2016 at 19:01

Went to the plot this morning, got lots of jobs done. Surprised to find the water still on so have e-mailed association. It's usually turned off in October. 

Gg, can you PM me your address so I can send pumpkin seeds. 

Picked some kale and lettuce. Quite a few people there today.

New allotment OMG...Part 2...

Posted: 12/11/2016 at 22:16

Dropped of some muck at plot today. It's very cold here, snow was forecast during week.

Think I've missed sowing broad beans, and remainder of garlic cloves may need to be planted in modules.

Dug up my Dahlia's a few weeks ago. 

Hoping to go to plot tomorrow to cover another bed.

Garden Confessions - 3 Worst Crops of 2016!

Posted: 07/11/2016 at 22:22

I've heard the same, but edible seaweed looks different although the taste and texture's the same when dried in the oven. 

An uncle used to harvest it from Morecambe Bay, I'm given to understand this particular seaweed could only be picked at certain times of the year.

Growing Garlic Questions

Posted: 07/11/2016 at 20:26

I've previously tried garlic bought from a local farm shop. The bulbs were usually small and rust was a problem.

I've gone for five different varieties this yr bought from Robinson's Mammoth Onions. Their onions are huge so hoping for a good harvest next yr of garlic. 

Bought chilli and pepper plants from them this yr and had a very good crop.

Garden Confessions - 3 Worst Crops of 2016!

Posted: 07/11/2016 at 20:14

Have you tried crispy kale, cooked in the oven for a few minutes, it's a healthier alternative to crisps, nice seasoned with either sea salt or paprika. Children love them...

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