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Growing lettuce in pots

Posted: 25/03/2016 at 23:34
A grow bag tray with gravel in would work and you can water from the bottom.

Growing lettuce in pots

Posted: 25/03/2016 at 23:26
If you put the pot with your lettuce into another larger pot with fine gravel in slugs/snail won 't cross the gravel and can't get to your lettuce, alternatively you could put several pots in a long tray with fine gravel in.

Tomato seeds

Posted: 25/03/2016 at 23:03
I read the article but make my own feed. Toms like seaweed feed, usually every couple of weeks if I remember.

Planting veg seedlings

Posted: 25/03/2016 at 22:48
From experience I've sown very little this year, main sowing months will be Apr/May.

Everything sown in April catch's up and it's a lot less labour intensive.

I agree with above regarding toms, chillies and Aubergine's. You are probably alittle early with cues, squash and kale.

You risk damping off by planting up to first leaves, sprinkling vermiculite around the stems will help prevent damping off by absorbing excess moisture when watering.

Which variety of second early potatoes

Posted: 25/03/2016 at 22:18
...I went out and bought more spuds after seeing your pic...... and still don't have a third of them, four varieties though...I see your spuds have something to read too...

Which variety of second early potatoes

Posted: 25/03/2016 at 20:09
Chris. 172...what are your spuds chatting about...

New allotment OMG...Part 2...

Posted: 24/03/2016 at 18:30

Gg...I found an old clay pipe on the plot a few weeks ago, there were golf balls on the other site... 

GWRS... hope the weather picks up for you, a cruise sounds nice...enjoy... ...

Started to put up the shed yesterday, just had the felt to put on the roof, and more brackets, to fix it to the ground but it's rained today and looks like more rain over the next few days. Let's to hope we don't get strong winds or it could be blown into the next plot ... 

Everyone sounds really busy. Not planted out any veg this yr yet. Pea's sown on kitchen roll, spinach and sweet pea are doing well though, I've potted them up and the peas all have their first true leaves.  Not so sure about the broad beans, they haven't yet to put on a show but I've more seeds, so will sow some more at beginning of April.

I've alot of freebie flower seeds from magazines, far to many to sow indoors so will wait till next month aand sow them in the GH with a sheet of glass over the tray.

Haven't planted my asparagus roots yet, can't decide on the spot for them. Does anyone know if the roots are invasive and would they grow in dappled shade. I've a choice of three places, all slightly different.      


New allotment OMG...Part 2...

Posted: 22/03/2016 at 20:07
Gg, I hope they catch him too.

My spuds have chitted at different rates, nice purple shoots though but here in the NW we are still getting lots of frosty mornings.

Tulips being nibbled

Posted: 22/03/2016 at 19:51
Sounds like slugs

Gardener's World Mag.

Posted: 22/03/2016 at 19:11
Mine usually comes last week of month.

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