Neudorff organic fertilisers

Organic fertiliser from Neudorff

Plants need the right balance of nutrients to perform their best. Find out how to get the most from your ornamental and edible crops with Neudorff organic fertilisers, below.

The power of nature

Plants, like humans and animals, require food for healthy development. In the natural world, leaves and other organic materials rot down, and their nutrients are absorbed by other plants. However, when dead plants are cleared out of the garden, this natural organic cycle is interrupted. So, it's important to return nutrients to your soil with good quality, organic fertilisers.

Neudorff Tomato & Vegetable Food The right fertiliser for the right plant
Different plants have different needs. For this reason, Neudorff has developed specific fertiliser for particular plants. For example, Neudorff Organic Rose & Shrub Food is rich in phosphorous, to boost flower production. Neudorff Organic Tomato & Vegetable Food contains high levels of potassium, vital for fruit development, flavour and yield.


Neudorff: Natural, Safe and Effective Naturally safe
Neudorff organic fertilisers are completely safe for humans, animals and the environment. Made from natural raw materials that work immediately and remain active for several weeks, Neudorff fertilisers increase the humus content of the soil. They are also free from mineral salts, making burned leaves a thing of the past.


Neudorff lawn care: applying feed to a lawn' Mycorrhizal fungi
Neudorff mixes a blend of mycorrhiza fungi into all its special fertilisers. The fungi, which occur naturally in the soil, penetrate the tips of the roots to create a ‘glove’ around them, increasing their surface area by up to 150 times. As a result, the plants are able to absorb water and nutrients more effectively. This makes plants better able to survive periods of drought and frost.


Neudorff's Garden Guide

Neudorff lawn care: applying feed to a lawn' Download your Garden Guide
For more practical advice on gardening in harmony with nature, download your free Neudorff Garden Guide, in PDF format. The guide includes advice on:

  • Growing roses
  • Growing fruit and vegetables
  • Feeding plants
  • Dealing with pests and problems
  • Gardening for wildlife


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Where to buy Neudorff products

Neudorff products are available from all good garden centres including Blue Diamond, Haskins and Hillier Garden Centres.

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About Neudorff

Neudorff has specialised in the development and production of natural gardening products for more than 150 years. Wherever possible, it uses active ingredients which can also be found in nature. Its guiding principle is to combine a high degree of efficacy with the best possible degree of compatibility with humans, animals and the environment.

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