Organic lawn care

Neudorff Organic Lawn Feed & Improver

A lawn isn’t just a decorative feature in the garden - it's a place for fun, play and relaxation. Find out how to create your dream lawn using Neudorff Organic Lawn Feed & Improver, below.

Taking good care of your lawn

Taking good care of your lawn will help to eliminate many common problems such as turf weeds and lawn thatch. Use Neudorff organic products for a healthy, weed-free lawn, without the use of chemicals.

Neudorff lawn care: man feeling texture of lawn' Neudorff Organic Lawn Feed & Improver
Many lawn fertilisers are designed to promote vigorous growth of grass, which then requires frequent mowing. Neudorff Organic Lawn Feed & Improver primarily improves grass density rather than height, resulting in a thicker, hard-wearing lawn.


Neudorff lawn care: applying feed to a lawn' Natural, safe and effective
Neudorff Organic Lawn Feed & Improver is made from natural raw materials, and contains additional micro-organisms which revitalise the soil and rapidly break down thatch. Children and pets can venture onto the lawn immediately after fertiliser application.


Neudorff lawn care: applying feed to a lawn' Mycorrhizal fungi
Like all the solid fertilisers in the Neudorff range, the Organic Lawn Feed & Improver contains mycorrhiza fungi. The fungi increase the surface area of the roots, enabling them to absorb more water and nutrients from the soil. This improves the lawn's resistance to both drought and frost.


Neudorff's Garden Guide

Neudorff lawn care: applying feed to a lawn' Download your Garden Guide
For more practical advice on gardening in harmony with nature, download your free Neudorff Garden Guide, in PDF format. The guide includes advice on:

  • Growing roses
  • Growing fruit and vegetables
  • Feeding plants
  • Dealing with pests and problems
  • Gardening for wildlife


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Frequently asked questions

Do I have to spread the fertiliser with a fertiliser spreader?
No, that isn't really necessary though the lawn will grow more evenly using one than if you spread the fertiliser by hand.

What should I do with my grass clippings?
Large amounts of grass clippings go mouldy in the Neudorff Thermal Compost Bin. To avoid this let the blades dry out a little bit beforehand and always mix dry material such as fine bark mulch with grass clippings. You can speed up the composting process with Neudorff Organic Compost Accelerator.

I don't feed my lawn so that I don't have to mow it as often. However, weeds have now started spreading. What can I do?
If you don't feed your lawn at all you are weakening it. Weeds, however, are much more able to spread and crowd out the lawn grasses. Neudorff's Organic Lawn Feed & Improver increases grass thickness rather than height, which means it becomes beautifully lush without you having to mow as much.

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Where to buy Neudorff products

Neudorff products are available from all good garden centres including Blue Diamond, Haskins and Hillier Garden Centres.

Find your nearest Neudorff stockist.

About Neudorff

Neudorff has specialised in the development and production of natural gardening products for more than 150 years. Wherever possible, it uses active ingredients which can also be found in nature. Its guiding principle is to combine a high degree of efficacy with the best possible degree of compatibility with humans, animals and the environment.

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