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You can't beat home-grown fruit and veg for flavour and freshness. Try something new next year, with these delicious, easy-to-grow varieties. Plus, enjoy great savings on accessories. Delivery from mid-September, 2012 - just click to order.

How to order

You can take advantage of these autumn planting offers in three ways:

Order online – add code BGB12 at checkout

Order by phone – call 0844 922 0606, quoting code BGB12 and the six-digit code by each offer

Order by post – use the order form in the September 2012 issue of Gardeners’ World Magazine

Apple 'Redlove Era' Apple 'Redlove Era'
This unusual red-fleshed apple is crisp and tasty, with a hint of berries. Delicious cooked or straight from the tree, it has pretty blossom and good resistance to scab.
One bare-root tree: £24.99 | Code: 23 05 35

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Blueberry 'Pink Lemonade' Blueberry 'Pink Lemonade'
Be one of the first to grow this spectacular plant - a blueberry with lustrous pink fruits that are twice as sweet. Heavy yielding and easy to grow, it will add a new dimension to fruit salads.
One plant in 1.3 litre pot: £14.99 | Code: 23 36 25

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Fourberry 'Black Gem' Fourberry 'Black Gem'
Four great qualities in one plant: pretty flowers, scent, an abundance of sweet, juicy berries, and vibrant autumn foliage. Enjoy fresh or in juices, jams or pies.
One plant in 1.3 litre pot: £16.99 | Code: 27 46 55

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Raspberry 'Twotime Sugana' Raspberry 'Twotimer Sugana'
As its name suggests, this variety gives you two harvests of fruit per year. Pick your first crop in June and you'll get a second between August and October.
Two plants in 12cm pots: £12.99 | Code: 27 47 50

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Onions, shallot and garlic collection

Save 27% on this mutl-pack collection of onions, shallots and garlic.
Collection: £10.49 | Code: 23 24 50
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Onion 'Senshyu Yellow' Onion 'Senshyu Yellow'
This popular Japanese over-wintering onion has a mild flavour, with a golden skin and white flesh. Harvest from early July. 250g pack of sets.


Shallot 'Griselle' Shallot 'Griselle'
The grey-skinned bubls are excellent for cooking and have a spicy flavour. Harvest from early July. 400g pack of sets.


Garlic 'Purple Wight' Garlic 'Purple Wight'
A semi-hardneck garlic with attractive purple-striped skin and strong-tasting cloves. Stores well after summer harvesting until the end of the year. Harvest from mid-June. Two bulbs (five to eight cloves per bulb).


Fruit and veg accessories

Treat yourself to some new kit to help with raising next year's bumper harvest.

Steel fruit cage Steel fruit cage
Protect your precious fruit crops from hungry birds with this robust yet lightweight fruit cage.
One cage: £49.99 | Code: 58 44 20
Two cages: £92.98 (saving £7.00) | Code: 58 44 24

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Sussex-style wooden trug Sussex-style wooden trug
Harvesting your crop is fundamental part of the joy of growing your own, and this handmade trug will make it a pleasure for years to come. Length 57cm, width 27cm.
One trug: £22.99 | Code: 58 20 20

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Vegetable nets Vegetable nets
Ideal for storing onions, shallots, garlic and a host of other root vegetables, these strong nets can be used year after year.
Small - 60cm x 45cm (five pack): £5.99 | Code: 58 30 16
Large - 85cm x 52cm (five pack): £6.99 | Code: 58 30 29

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Money-saving extras

In addition to unbeatable deals on autumn planting, don't miss out on these great money savers:

Five seed packets Just £1 - 5 packets of seed, worth £9
Calendula 'Orange King'
Forget-me-not 'Royal Blue'
Larkspur Stock Flowered Mix
Leaf salad 'Italian Mix'
Radish 'Scarlet Globe'

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Orange tree in a pot Half price orange tree with all orders over £25
Compact and hardy, orange tree variety 'Valencia' bears fragrant white flowers, which are followed by large, delicous fruits. Grow in a sunny, sheltered location.
One tree in a 5-litre pot: £17.99 (full price £34.99)

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Bulb planter - free for Gardeners' World Magazine subscribers Free for all subscribers - bulb planter, worth £5.99
Subscribers to Gardeners' World Magazine will receive a free bulb planter, worth £5.99, with their order. The device allows you to plant bulbs with ease - just twist it into the ground to the required depth to remove a core of soil, then pop in the bulb.

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Fruit orders will be delivered from early November 2012 onwards, veg orders from mid-September 2012.

If you have a query about your order, please contact the customer service team at Suttons Seeds by calling 0844 922 2899 or by email.