Allium cepa aggregatum group 'Hative de Niort'


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Shallots are popular for their distinctive flavour, and are easy to grow. 'Hative de Niort' is popular among exhibition growers as well as cooks. It produces excellent, uniform bulbs. Plant shallot sets in rows 30cm (12in) wide and 23cm (9in) between bulbs. When the leaves turn yellow, lift the shallots and allow them to dry in the sun. Store in a cool, dry, frost-free place.

Family: Alliaceae

Genus: Allium

Species: cepa aggregatum group

Cultivar: Hative de Niort

Sun exposure: Full sun

Soil: Well-drained/light, Dry, Moist

Skill level: Beginner

Height: 38cm

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you dont say how deep!!


I have shallots from last year that were left in the ground they have strong healthy shoots , can I leace them in and harvest later this year??

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