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Amelanchier lamarckii

Snowy mespilus

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Deciduous shrub

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Autumn colour, Flowers, Fruit



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Amelanchier lamarckii

Plant details

Amelanchier lamarckii is a beautiful, small, North American tree offering year-round interest, even in winter when its spreading crown of fine shoots makes a satisfying, dense, shrubby shape. In March the branches erupt with a froth of star-shaped flowers in lax conical heads, just as the coppery pink young leaves unfold; in summer these become yellow-green, but later turn scarlet and crimson before falling. In July the tree is studded with dark red berries which become purple-black as they ripen. The Royal Horticultural Society has given it the Award of Garden Merit (AGM).

Grow Amelanchier lamarckii in moist but well-drained neutral to acid soil, in full sun to partial shade.

Family: Rosaceae

Genus: Amelanchier

Species: lamarckii

Plant type: Deciduous shrub

Flower colour: White

Foliage colour: Mid-green

Feature: Autumn colour, Flowers, Fruit

Sun exposure: Full sun, Partial shade

Soil: Well-drained/light, Clay/heavy, Chalky/alkaline

Hardiness: Hardy

Skill level: Experienced

Height: 1000cm

Spread: 1200cm

Time to take cuttings: May to July

Flowering period: March to April

Reader reviews


10 out of 10. A multi-stemmed small tree, all year interest. Delicate flowers, copper leaves in spring and wonderful autumn colour. Not too many black berries though, thrushes and blackbirds grabbed them while still red! Mine died, probably through old age, but another is now waiting to be planted. Easier than cuttings, take off the new young growth coming from the base and they grow away well.


I am considering removing an old tree. I should like to replace it with a small tree. Our soil is clay, the garden is quite small and I must consider our neighbours as there would be some overhang of their garden. I do not want another tree that drops a great deal of rotten fruit. I like the description of this amelanchier but would like to know whether the berries might cause a problem.
Your advice, specific or general, would be verymuch appreciated.


no problem with berry mess on ours! they're very small.

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