Bougainvillea glabra 'Sanderiana Variegata'


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Conservatory climber



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This beautiful houseplant needs to be grown in a heated or south-facing conservatory if it's to thrive. In ideal conditions, it can climb to several metres tall, but this is unlikely to be a problem in the UK. Its rich, purple flowers are usually the main attraction with this plant, but this particular cultivar also has pretty, cream-and-green leaves that make it an interesting plant to grow even when it's not in flower. As the plant starts to bud in late spring, give it a high potash feed to boost the flowers. Keep just moist in winter - don't overwater.

Genus: Bougainvillea

Species: glabra

Cultivar: Sanderiana Variegata

Plant type: Conservatory climber

Hardiness: Tender

Skill level: Experienced

Height: 500cm

Spread: 500cm

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I have a bougainvillea Elizabeth, which I bought last year. Unfortunately I have no growing instructions, can anyone tell me what kind of soil i should use to pot it up? It was lovely last year but I did overwater it through ignorance, but I am learning.


My brothers Fortunate enough to live in majoca and has a beautifull one cascading the front of his property i really wanted to be able to acheive this at home.Can any body please create a non belearic hardy type for our climate maybe call it dam belligerant or something


I use bog standard compost, feed every 2 weeks with liquid plant fertiliser in the winter i cover them with bubble wrap as they are in an unheated conservatory . However they have all done badly and i think that the light has not been good enough


I had loads of these when I lived in Jordan. They were very easy to grow there and used to smother the the fences. Even at Christmas they were still bright and colourful. There was also a red, a salmon and a white coloured one, but the purple one was the easiest and most popular. I brought a few back to England but they didn't do so well even in the house, I think the CH made them dry outtoo quckly in their pots. Tried to put them outside on a south facing wall but that was the end.


Make sure that the compost has dried out completely before watering again. Dont repot until they are pot-bound and use terracotta pots.

lee Callaghan

I found one of these in a skip it is in a terracotta pot 6" and its being trained going round a steel wire loop the leaves are abit dryish n faded same with the purple flowers I have it in my south facing conservatory is there any thing I can do to bring it back to full colour many thanks in taking time reading this I look forward from herein back from you, Lee Callaghan

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