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Deciduous shrub

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This hydrangea is a large or medium-size shrub, sometimes a small tree, from China and Japan. It is characterised by the large cone-shaped flower heads it bares on arching stems in late summer and autumn, each head comprising a mixture of tiny fertile flowers and the large conspicuous sterile florets. Plenty of space and regular pruning are advisable.

Family: Hydrangeaceae

Genus: Hydrangea

Plant type: Deciduous shrub

Flower colour: White

Foliage colour: Mid-green

Feature: Flowers

Sun exposure: Full sun, Partial shade

Soil: Well-drained/light, Clay/heavy, Acidic, Chalky/alkaline, Moist

Hardiness: Hardy

Skill level: Beginner

Height: 400cm

Spread: 250cm

Time to take cuttings: May to July

Flowering period: August to October

Reader reviews


I bought a beautiful hydrangea with blue flowers.
It's a potted plan for my balcony, which faces north/east and gets morning sun until 1:00 or so.

I've had a problem with it since I brought it home.
It was in full sun and now is in partial sun.
I feed it and water, but it hasn't thrived. Nor has it flowered.

I believe it now has mites. I continue to remove sick leaves and have sprayed it with a pesticide and have my fingers crossed.

Any suggestions.

thank you.


I have a blue hydrangea in my front garden which gets the sun most of the afternoon and evening. It looks really healthy with loads of leaves but not nearly as many flowers as I have seen in other people's gardens. I only removed dead heads last year but didn't prune it and I never water it, although I give it a feed occasionally. Perhaps I should give it more attention?


Can I still take cuttings and over winter in a heated greanhouse

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