Ipomoea tricolor 'Heavenly Blue'

Morning glory

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Evergreen climber

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Half hardy

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Ipomoea tricolor 'Heavenly Blue'

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Morning glory, Ipomoea, is a beautiful hardy annual climber native the rainforests of South America. Violet-purple, trumpet-shaped blooms contrast with rich green foliage in summer. Morning glory is easy to raise from seed and grows quickly, making it perfect for growing up obelisks, growing through shrubs and trees, and filling gaps while perennial climbers become established. The flowers open wide in the early morning sun but are short-lived and will not last into the afternoon.

Ipomoea purpurea 'Heavenly Blue' is one of the most popular morning glory varieties. Its buds are long and tightly furled, but as the morning sunshine reaches them they steadily unfold themselves into large sky-blue trumpets with clear white and yellow throats. Each flower lasts only a day, but others follow in quick succession.

Though strictly a short-lived perennial, Ipomoea purpurea 'Heavenly Blue' is best grown as an annual. It's easy to grow and can be sown where it's to flower – ideally in moist but well-drained soil in full sun.

Family: Convolvulaceae

Genus: Ipomoea

Species: tricolor

Cultivar: Heavenly Blue

Plant type: Evergreen climber

Flower colour: Blue

Foliage colour: Mid-green

Feature: Flowers

Sun exposure: Full sun

Soil: Well-drained/light, Clay/heavy, Acidic, Chalky/alkaline, Moist

Hardiness: Half hardy

Skill level: Beginner

Height: 300cm

Spread: 45cm

Time to plant seeds: March to April

Flowering period: June to September

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beautiful plants!


beautiful plants!

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