Lychnis flos-cuculi

Ragged robin

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Hardy perennial

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Lychnis flos-cuculi

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Ragged robin, Lychnis flos-cuculi, is found growing naturally in damp places in Europe, Caucasus and Siberia. With an upright or spreading habit, ragged robin has blue-green, lance-shaped leaves at the base of the plant, becoming more rounded further up the stem. In summer loose, flat flower heads carry star-shaped flowers with deeply cut petals, which vary in colour from purple-pink to white.

Lychnis flos-cuculi is an understated, hardy perennial perfect for growing in damp borders, around the edge of ponds and in wildlife gardens. Plant in boggy soil in full sun to partial shade.

Family: Caryophyllaceae

Genus: Lychnis

Species: flos-cuculi

Plant type: Hardy perennial

Flower colour: Mixed

Foliage colour: Blue-green

Feature: Flowers

Sun exposure: Full sun, Partial shade

Soil: Well-drained/light, Acidic, Chalky/alkaline, Moist, Boggy

Hardiness: Hardy

Skill level: Experienced

Height: 75cm

Spread: 80cm

Time to plant seeds: March to April

Time to divide plants: March to April

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Helpful but I do wish that the glossary had pictures of flowers too,

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