Nothofagus antarctica

Antarctic beech

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photo by Visions, copyright GAP Photos (253578)

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This attractive, deciduous tree is a native of South America and is found everywhere from the Andes down to Cape Horn. It has been even been found in Hoste Island, an island off the end of Chile, making it the southernmost trees on earth. Unsurprisingly, the tree is very hardy and will grow in all lime-free soils. It grows well in the UK, and is a good tree for a larger garden. The tree's trunk has chocolate brown, scaly bark that is shot through with flashes of silver-grey. The tree's branchlets are arranged in a herringbone formation, and are covered in glossy, sweetly scented, small leaves. In summer, the tree produces small yellow-green catkins which later become small, very fragrant fruit.

Genus: Nothofagus

Species: antarctica

Hardiness: Hardy

Skill level: Experienced

Height: 2000cm

Spread: 1000cm

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