Pilosella aurantiaca

"Orange hawkweed, Fox and cubs"

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photo by Amy Vonheim, copyright GAP Photos (324271)

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This bright, burnt-orange flower is native to the alpine regions of central and southern Europe. Like many alpines, it's a low-growing plant with shallow roots and a rosette of blue-green leaves from which a flower stem rises up to produce clusters of bright, insect-attracting flowers. The plant is quite hardy and flowers from the summer through to the first frosts. The plant grows best in dry, well-drained soil in warm sun, so it's ideal for rockeries or patio pots. The plant is a great self-seeder - so much so that its considered a noxious weed in warmer parts of the world such as Australia. If it does start to spread too vigorously, dig up any unwanted bits of plant promptly before the flowers seed.

Genus: Pilosella

Species: aurantiaca

Hardiness: Hardy

Skill level: Beginner

Height: 20cm

Spread: 20cm

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