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Christmas daffodil pot display


Follow Sarah Raven's step-by-step video guide to creating an attractive display of paper-white narcissi for the Christmas table. Sarah gives tips on compost, planting depth and how to support the flowers.

Plant it: autumn
At its best: Christmas
Takes just: 30 minutes

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Talkback: Christmas daffodil pot display
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bettyt8456 24/11/2011 at 15:28

beautiful idea i will be doing this at christmas thanks a lot

Digger159 27/09/2012 at 18:37

Get rid of the adverts!!!!!

coconut 30/08/2013 at 21:39

My garden centre keeps running out of paperwhites :(

kitkat_81 05/11/2014 at 14:58

Where's the video then?????

Lyn 05/11/2014 at 15:22

Has anyone smelled those paper whites, I did them for my daughter, my mum and myself, we all thought they smelled like dog do, and put them in the garden, OH was making all sorts of accusations!

Anyonr like them? 

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