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Skimmia, phormium and stipa pot display


The red berries of Skimmia japonica 'Reevesiana' and flowers of red cyclamen add colour to the autumn garden, and they'll continue to steal the show into winter. Ornamental stipa grass acts as a lush green backdrop, while Phormium 'Rainbow Queen' adds a splash of winter interest, that will last for months.

Plant it: September - November
At its best: November - February
Takes just: 20 minutes

How to do it:


Place crocks in the base of the pot and half fill with compost.


Sprinkle slow-release fertiliser granules on the surface of the compost, to maintain nutrient levels throughout the year.


Place the stipa towards the back of the pot and add the skimmia next to it. Arrange the other plants around them. Fill in gaps with compost around the edge of the pot.


Move the pot to its final planting position – ideally in shade – water the pot thoroughly and allow to drain.

Our tip

All of these plants like damp conditions, so water the pot regularly.

Use a lime-free compost or water regularly with ericaceous plant food to prevent the skimmia's leaves turning from deep green to pale yellow.

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