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Winter cherry pot display

You will need

Cornus alba 'Sibirica' x1

Carex flagellifera x1

Winter cherry, Solanum capsicastrum x1

Orange winter-flowering pansies x3

25cm Hermes glazed pot

Crocks or broken polystyrene

Multi-purpose compost


For instant cheer, nothing beats a winter cherry - they're easy to source, and great value, producing their jolly orange fruits for weeks on end. They have a reputation for being unfashionable, but when combined with the right plants can look very modern.

We've used a cornus, which will drop its leaves during winter to reveal eye-catching red stems, along with a carex and winter-flowering pansies.

These plants aren't fussy and will do well in almost any location. If you have room, boost the display with single winter cherries planted in small pots.

Plant it: October - November
At its best: autumn
Takes just: 30 minutes

How to do it:


Place a layer of crocks or broken polystyrene on the bottom of your pot to ensure good drainage.


Fill the pot two-thirds full, using multi-purpose compost.


Position the tallest plants first, teasing out the roots as you go. As a general rule, the taller the plant, the further towards the back of your container it should go.


Add the remaining shorter plants to the front and sides, then fill in the gaps with more compost, firming down well with your hands.


Water the container well and move it to its final position. It's important not to let the compost dry out.

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