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Daffodil spring pot display


Brighten up your usual daffodil container display by adding a few low-growing, flowering plants. The small pansies and crocus are perfect for growing in containers, and they look stunning against the bright yellow daffodils. Simply plant the bulbs in autumn, and then, once they have started to flower, fill around the edges of the pots with flowering plants to add further interest to the display.

Plant it: September - early November
At its best: February - April
Takes just: 20 minutes

How to do it:


Place a layer of broken terracotta pot crocks in the bottom of your container. Half fill the pot with compost and plant bulbs on the surface. Cover with compost to almost fill the pot, water thoroughly and leave until spring.


Once the bulbs have grown and started to flower, fill around the edges with low-growing plants. Knock the pansies and crocuses from their pots and place equally around the edges of the pot. Fill around the gaps, and water well.

Our tip

When the daffodil and pansy flowers are finished in spring, keep watering and feeding the pot for six weeks before transplanting all the plants to a border, so they will flower again next year.

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thomaskid 24/11/2011 at 15:28

im doing bulbs for the 1st time this year in pots can i let them dry off in summer or buy new in autumn again ive very little space in my garden to replant them else where