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Daffodil spring pot display


Brighten up your usual daffodil container display by adding a few low-growing, flowering plants. The dwarf size of celandines makes them perfect for containers and they look stunning against this blue-flowering corydalis.
Plant it: September - early November
At its best: February - April
Takes just: 20 minutes

How to do it:

1 Place a layer of broken terracotta pot crocks into the bottom of your container. Fill the pot with compost to around 20cm from the rim.

2 Knock the celandine and corydalis plants from their pots and place equally around the edges of the pot. Ensure the top of the compost from their pot will be level with the top of the container's soil level, so add or take away compost under the plants to get them even.

3 Arrange your ten daffodil bulbs evenly across the compost, between the three plants, checking that they're planted approximately four times their depth. When you're happy with the positioning, fill the container with compost to around 5cm below the rim, to allow room for watering. Firm in the compost as you go with your fingers.

4 When the daffodil and corydalis flowers are finished in spring, keep watering and feeding the pot for six weeks before transplanting all the plants to a border, so they will flower again next year.

Our tip

Buy your daffodil bulbs in August or September for the best selection at the garden centre.
Look out for named varieties of corydalis, such as 'Père David', as their flowers have the most intense colour.

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thomaskid 24/11/2011 at 15:28

im doing bulbs for the 1st time this year in pots can i let them dry off in summer or buy new in autumn again ive very little space in my garden to replant them else where