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Geranium, nemesia and petunia hanging basket

You will need

  • Pink geranium plants, e.g. Pelargonium 'Oldbury Duet' x5
  • Purple petunia, e.g. Petunia 'Purple Velvet' x3
  • Purple nemesia, e.g. Nemesia 'Nesia Purple' 'x5
  • 35cm wire hanging basket and liner
  • Multi-purpose compost and slow-release fertiliser
  • Water-retaining gel


This pretty hanging basket combination has a lovely cottage garden feel, and is ideal for sunny or partially shaded spots. Water generously – twice a day if it's really hot – and feed regularly with a high potash fertiliser to promote new flower growth.

Plant it: May - June
At its best: June - August
Takes just: 30 minutes

How to do it:


Suspend the basket in a plant pot, to make planting up the sides easier, and add a coir liner, preferably one with holes in the sides. Fill the basket two-thirds with compost, mixed with a couple of handfuls of water-retaining gel and slow-release fertiliser.


Plant up the sides with two each of the geraniums and petunia, gently pushing the rootballs through the holes from the outside to avoid damaging the leaves.


In the centre of the basket, plant the nemesias, and alternate the rest of the geraniums and petunias around the edges. Trim away excess coir lining, to tidy the display.


Water the plants thoroughly, allowing the basket to drain fully before transferring it to its bracket.

Our tip

If you are an organic gardener, add pelleted chicken manure instead of slow-release fertiliser. This will release nutrients slowly, keeping your basket well fed.

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margaret magill 17/05/2013 at 15:22

I make my own liquid fertiliser from household and garden waste,it is never the same strength sowhat ratoi should Iuse when watering? Yours margaret magill

Janet Curry 05/05/2015 at 10:42

Dreadful picture as it's hard to make out where the basket ends and the garden behind begins!!!