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Nemesia and petunia hanging basket

You will need

  • Nemesia 'Blue Lagoon' plants x5
  • Nemesia 'Golden Eye' plants x3
  • Purple-veined petunia plants x3
  • Helichrysum 'Gold' plants x5
  • 36cm metal basket
  • Grass clippings
  • Compost and slow-release fertiliser


Nemesia plants produce a haze of flowers throughout the summer, and with the pale-gold felt leaves of the helichrysum, a soft cloud-like effect is created. Helichrysum grows happily in sun or part-shade and is ideal for brightening up a dull corner. Annual nemesias tend to flush with flowers, but they can be nudged back into bloom by cutting the flower stems back just above the foliage. Pinch out dead petunias and remove any blemished leaves from the helichrysum.
Plant it: May - June
At its best: June - August
Takes just: 60 minutes

How to do it:

1 Prop the basket in a bucket and line it with moist grass clippings as a moss alternative. Hold the grass in place with a plastic liner. This will stop the compost drying out.

2 Cut a few drainage holes in the plastic and fill the basket two-thirds with compost.

3 Nemesia 'Blue Lagoon' produces both upright and trailing flowers, so place it in the centre of the basket, with the smaller, darker 'Golden Eye' immediately in front. Plant the petunias at the front of the basket, interspersing them with the helichrysum.

4 Fill in-between the roots with compost, leaving a gap of around 2cm between the top of the compost and the basket's rim. Water in well and leave it to drain before hanging in position.

Our tip

Give your plants a regular once-over for pests such as aphids, and beware of snails, which can sometimes sneak in too.

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