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Osteospermum, petunia and verbena hanging basket

You will need

  • Purple osteospermum
  • Petunia 'Priscilla'
  • Heuchera 'Obsidian'
  • Brachyscome 'Strawberry Pink'
  • Verbena 'Lanai Purple with Eye'
  • Cone hanging basket with plastic liner
  • Multi-purpose compost
  • Slow-release fertiliser


This pretty hanging basket display uses purple-flowered plants to dramatic effect. The purple osetospermum sits at the centre of the display, with the darker-flowered verbena around it, and the petunia plants trailing over the edge. Hang this basket in a sunny spot and deadhead spent blooms regularly, and you'll have a glorious, rich display throughout summer.

Plant it: spring
At its best: June - August
Takes just: 40 minutes

How to do it:

Supporting the basket


Place the basket in an empty, sturdy plant pot, to make planting easier.

Cutting drainage holes


Cut drainage holes in the plastic lining, so water can pass through.

Planting up the basket


Fill two-thirds with compost, add slow-release fertiliser granules and mix them in with your hands. Plant the osteospermum in the centre of the basket, firming well.

Planting up the basket


Plant the other plants around the osteospermum, making sure the petunias can spill over the sides of the basket, and leaving plenty of space for growth. Fill in any gaps with compost and firm all plants in well.

Watering the hanging basket


Water the basket thoroughly and allow to drain before hanging it in its final position.

Our tip

Take cuttings of the osteospermum in summer and overwinter them indoors to use in next year's displays.

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