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Canna, eucomis and sedum pot display


Thanks to our warmer climate, most of us can now enjoy traditionally tropical plants in our summer gardens. Canna 'Tropicanna' is surprisingly tough for such a lush-looking plant, and can survive outdoors all year round (with a little protection during winter). Boosting the exotic display is a pineapple lily and a sedum, which come into their own when adorned with late-summer blooms.

Carol Klein gives useful advice on planting cannas, while Rachel and Monty choose canna varieties for the Long Borders, in our two videos from the Berryfields garden.

Plant it: May - August
At its best: June - October
Takes just: 20 minutes

How to do it:

1 Put the pot in its final sunny spot, so you won't need to move it later. Add crocks to the bottom and half-fill with compost.

2 Position the canna at the back of the pot so it doesn't obscure the other plants, then arrange the eucomis and sedum in front of it. Fill in around the plants with compost. If frost is forecast in May, have some horticultural fleece handy to protect the plants with.

Our tip

Before the first frosts in autumn, repot all of the plants and bring them inside for winter.
You can grow the eucomis from bulbs planted in spring.

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