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Begonia and spider plant pot display


If you're short of sun in your garden but want an interesting summer display, try this rich blend of foliage plants. All plants perform well in shade – the begonia and the spider plants add foliage interest, while the busy Lizzie adds a splash of colour. The display will last well until the first frosts. Then, simply bring the pot indoors to overwinter the begonia and spider plants, and refresh the container with new busy Lizzies next year.

Plant it: April - June
At its best: July - September
Takes just: 20 minutes

How to do it:

Adding compost


Cover the bottom of the container with crocks, to cover the drainage holes, then fill it two-thirds with compost.

Adding slow-release fertiliser


Add slow-release fertiliser granules and mix them into the compost with your hands.

Planting up the container


Plant the begonia first, at the back of the container, then the spider plants in front of it. Squeeze the busy Lizzie plants in whereever there is space. Cover with more compost and firm in well.

Watering the container


Water the container well and allow to drain before placing the container in its final position.

Our tip

As the plants grow, encourage their stems to weave together to create a glorious mass of foliage.

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