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Hosta and fern pot display


This simple container feature uses only three shade-loving plants to dramatic effect. The feathery leaves of the fern arch gracefully over the edges of the pot, making a perfect foil to the blue-green leaves of the hosta. And the dainty white  blooms of the deutzia add a subtle splash of colour. Perfect for a shady corner.

Plant it: May -July
At its best: June - September
Takes just: 30 minutes

How to do it:

Adding crocks to the pot


Make sure your pot has holes in it and add crocks to stop the compost falling out from the bottom.

Adding compost to the pot


Fill the pot two-thirds full with compost.

Planting up the pot


Add the three plants, spaced evenly around the pot. Fill around them with more compost and firm in gently.

Watering the pot


Water the plants thoroughly and allow to drain, before moving your container to its final position.

Our tip

Once you have finished with the display, the plants can be repotted or enjoyed in the garden.

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Talkback: Hosta and fern pot display
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shady 24/11/2011 at 15:29

I have just looked at this site for the first time. As a very novice garder with a small shady garden, the example of the fern/begonia pot was really helpful. Can I buy the plants from the site? Can't see how. If not, how do I source the exact plants?
Sorry for my very basic question.

Deledum 11/02/2012 at 12:00

Was wondering what size pot is needed for this?