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Narcissus and aubretia pot display


Add a cottage-garden feel to your patio with this simple pot project. The trio of narcissus, carex and aubretia provides instant colour, as plants can be bought in flower. If other spring flowers catch your eye at the garden centre, you could use those instead.

Plant it: March
At its best: spring
Takes just: 30 minutes

How to do it:

Placing terracotta crocks over hole in pot base

1 Place pieces of terracotta over holes in the pot's base to allow water to drain freely.

Teasing our roots of carex plant

2 Tease out the fibrous roots of the carex to encourage it to quickly send out new roots.

Half filling pot with compost around carex plant

3 Part fill the pot with compost. Set the carex in the centre, leaving room for other plants.

Splitting narcissus bulbs

4 Split the narcissus bulbs carefully and set them in position around the carex.

Planting aubretia in gaps at the edge of the pot

5 Plant aubretia in the gaps at the edge of the pot, so they can trail over the side.

Watering pot

6 Soak well to settle the compost around the plants' roots. Site in a sunny position.

Our tip

Once the flowers fade, simply tuck the pot away until next year, when the display will flower again
For a more rustic look, try growing the display in a half wooden barrel, or for a more formal look, a faux lead planter
Extend the season of interest by adding later flowering bulbs such as 'De Caen' anemones, dwarf alliums and fritillaries

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