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Pansy, thyme and olive pot display


The hardy winter-flowering varieties of pansy are the best bet for winter and spring containers as they're rarely without blooms, even when other plants are shivering in the cold. The flowers look stunning set off against the golden foliage of the thyme, around the olive tree as a centrepiece.

Plant it: September - early February
At its best: February - April
Takes just: 20 minutes

How to do it:

Planting up th pot


Add crocks to aid drainage and fill the pot two-thirds with compost. Add the olive tree to the centre of the pot, ensuring it's level and planted at the same depth it was in its original pot.

Pansy and thyme container


Position the pansy, thyme and other herbs around the olive, letting the thyme spill over the edge. Fill in any gaps with compost and firm down. Water the container thoroughly and allow to drain.

Our tip

Remove the pansy flowers as they fade, which will encourage the plants to produce more blooms, instead of diverting energy into making seeds.

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