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Box and osteospermum pot display

You will need

  • Topiary box pyramid, Buxus sempervirens
  • Stipa tenuissima
  • Osteospermum 'Orange Symphony' 
  • Tall decorative pot
  • Compost, made from equal parts multi-purpose and loam-based composts
  • Crocks
  • Slow-release fertiliser


This box pyramid container display with ornamental grass and orange osteospermum makes an attractive, year-round feature for a sunny or partially shaded corner. A mulch of gravel gives the container a fresh look, as well as retains moisture in the pot.

Plant it: All year round
At its best: Summer
Takes just: 30 minutes

How to do it:

Adding crocks


This is a heavy container display, so position your pot in its final position before planting it up. Put a layer of crocks in the bottom of the pot, to aid drainage.

Adding compost


Mix the composts together and fill the pot two-thirds full.

Adding slow-release fertiliser


Add slow-release fertiliser to the pot.

Planting up the pot


Plant the box in the centre of the pot, ensuring it is level, and at the same depth it was in its original pot.

Planting up the pot


Add the steospermum and stipa around the box, ensuring the grasses flop over the sides of the pot.

Watering the pot


Water the pot thoroughly, and allow to drain.

Our tip

Shrubs and perennials in pots need loam-based compost if they are to survive for more than a couple of years. Give them a boost every six months with slow-release fertiliser.

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trudi 24/11/2011 at 15:29

I have had problems with adding your given code to my confirmation of your email. Red sentence comes up with code not correct.
Any ideas? I need to receive my newsetter/
Many thanks. This lot very very interesting.
Thank you.

PamB 24/11/2011 at 15:29

Excellent - Thank you. My front porch will look much better.