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Day lily and thistle pot display

You will need

  • Day lilies, Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus x3
  • Ivory thistle, Ptilostemon diacantha x3
  • Pheasant's tail grass, Anemanthele lessoniana x3
  • Sisyrinchium striatum x3
  • Tall, rectangular galvanised container and compost


The silver and dark-green ivory thistles provide the backdrop for this planting scheme, while the pheasant's tail grass adds soft texture. Scattered amongst the display are Sisyrinchium striatum plants, with striped leaves that are accompanied by yellow flowers in summer. The day lilies bring a welcome splash of colour and fragrance. This display will last right into autumn, when the pheasant's tail grass turns orange, after which flower spikes appear.

Plant it: March - April
At its best: June - October
Takes just: 30 minutes

How to do it:


There's no need to carefully arrange the plants in this pot as they'll happily mingle with one another. Just make sure the ivory thistle plants aren't too near the edge so they don't prick passers-by.

Our tip

When using any metallic container, insulate the plants against extremes of temperature by lining it with bubble wrap or polystyrene before planting.

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