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Mini pond in a bucket display


Don't despair if you only have a tiny garden. Your dream of having a pond is easier to realise than you think. Our mini container pond is big enough to host your favourite aquatic plants and in no time, you'll be able to enjoy watching the wildlife it will attract.

This simple display uses floating pond plants, which don't need planting in aquatic baskets. Simply pop them on the surface of a bucket of water and they'll romp away. Place the bucket in a sunny, sheltered corner and the water hyacinth may produce flowers, but it's not frost hardy so move the mini pond into a greenhouse for winter.

Plant it: April - June
At its best: June - September
Takes just: 30 minutes, plus 24 hours drying time

How to do it:

Adding water to the bucket


Prepare your container by filling in any holes in the bottom with waterproof sealant. Leave to dry. Fill two-thirds with rainwater from your water butt.

Adding the plants


Add the plants to the container, taking care to remove any brown leaves before you pop them in. Move the bucket to a sunny spot and keep the water level topped up.

Our tip

Water lettuce has a tendency to become invasive so keep this in check by removing plants regularly and popping them on your compost heap.

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