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Pelargonium euphorbia and salvia pot display

You will need

  • Pelargonium 'Decora Pink'
  • Plectranthus argentatus 'Silver Shield'
  • Euphorbia 'Diamond Frost' x2
  • Salvia 'Savannah Salmon Rose'
  • 30cm pot
  • Multi-purpose compost
  • Crocks


Add a touch of graceful charm to your patio, with this stylish display that combines the silvery foliage of plectranthus with the delicate beauty of Euphorbia 'Diamond Frost'. The salvia and pelargonium add a splash of soft pink colour – they'll flower until the first frosts, making this the perfect, low-maintenance container display to plant up and leave until late autumn.

Plant it: April - May
At its best: June - September
Takes just: 30 minutes

How to do it:

Adding crocks


Place a few crocks at the bottom of the container, to cover the drainage hole.

Adding compost


Fill the pot two-thirds full with compost.

Planting up the pot


Plant the salvia in the centre, making sure its level and at the correct depth. Firm in well.

Planting up the pot


Plant the pelargonium, plectranthus and euphorbias around the salvia. Fill in any gaps with compost and firm in well. Water the pot thoroughly and allow to drain before moving to its final position.

Our tip

Take softwood cuttings of the pelargoniums in spring or late summer to increase your stock.

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