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Sweet pea pot display


Sweet peas are the classic annual climber and look just as lovely in pots as they do in a border. 'Spencer Mix' has large flowers and long stems, good for cutting, but 'Cupani' and 'Painted Lady' are particularly good as their short stems give good coverage of the support and they're extremely fragrant.

Plant it: May - June
At its best: summer
Takes just: an hour

How to do it:

Tying in sweet peas


Add crocks to the pot and fill two-thirds with compost. Position the sweet peas 15cm apart, firm the compost around them and water well. Place the willow support in the compost and tie in the sweet peas using twine.

Cutting sweet pea flowers


When the plants flower, cut them regularly to use in indoor displays. This will encourage more flowers to grow, prolonging the season of interest.

Our tip

Remove fading flowers, using scissors or secateurs to cut the flowering stem back to where it joins the main stem

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