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Tree lily pot display


While compact lily varieties have their place, tree lilies can't be beaten for sheer spectacle. Each bulb develops into a striking plant in its first year, establishing to grow even stronger in subsequent years. Tree lilies are giants of the lily world. They produce thick, sturdy stems that can reach up to 2.4m in height in their their third year, compared to normal varieties at 90cm to 1.5m. They're generous too, producing impressive displays with each plant carrying up to 30 trumpet-shaped blooms.

Flowering time depends on planting time and growing conditions, with flowers opening as early as June or later into July and August.

Plant it: March
At its best: June to August
Takes just: 30 minutes

How to do it:


Lillies can be potted up to grow on in a cool greenhouse, for early flowers. Handle bulbs carefully when planting.


Choose small pots about 10-12cm across, setting bulbs individually on a layer of compost. Firm around the roots and side of the bulb.


Cover completely with compost, leaving the shoot tips poking through. Water well to settle the compost around the bulbs.


Once in growth, bulbs of the same variety can be plunged together in large pots, slightly deeper than before, to support the stems.


Move pots outside to a sunny site in May. Lillies will flower from June to August, depending on planting time.


Tree lilies are tall-growing varieties reaching about 1.2-1.5m in their first year, but far taller in subsequent years. in exposed positions, use short canes to provide extra support. Water frequently, adding a liquid feed once a week. Let the bulbs die down naturally in autumn.

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