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Rose and clematis pot display


Roses and clematis make the perfect planting partners, so why not bring the two together in a large pot display? Here we've combined groundcover rose 'Suffolk' with maroon-flowered clematis 'Burma Star' and a few trailing ivies to complete the look.

All plants thrive with the minimum of fuss and will happily romp away, given adequate compost, food and water. Simply deadhead regularly and tie stems into place, and you'll have an annual display that gets better every year.

Plant it: March - April
At its best: May - September
Takes just: 45 minutes

How to do it:

Adding compost


Add crocks to the base of the pot and fill two-thirds with compost.

Adding mycorrhizal fungi


Add mycorrhizal fungi to aid development of the rose's roots.

Planting up the pot


Plant the rose in the centre of the pot and the clematis and ivies around it. Add more compost to fill in any gaps and firm well.

Erecting the obelisk


Position the wooden batons in the compost and tie them together at the top to form an obelsik, using twine or raffia.

Tying in the clematis stems


Tie the clematis and rose stems to the obelisk using twine.

Watering the plants


Water the plants well and allow to drain. Add more compost to fill in any holes if necessary.

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Talkback: Rose and clematis pot display
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titaflan 24/11/2011 at 15:28

poco triste no? bit gloomy the purple heuchera and violas under our dull skies now? I'd underplant a white rose with a variegated vinca and white winter pansies. Glow in the twilight. Purple just disappears. Or it would look good with good with RED roses. But in the halflight white roses are magical with other white flowers.

Jeansmith 24/11/2011 at 15:28

I plan to grow Rosa Compassion on the 4 metre wide south-westerly house wall in a large container. I shall also have a choice of planting in other containsrs next to it, two or more of the following:- clematis Marie Boissellot, c. tangutica, c. Alpina Pink Flamingo and Jasminium Officianale.

1. Which would you plant?

2. What size containers would be adequate?