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Tulip and honeysuckle window box

You will need

  • Tulip bulbs x4
  • Primrose plants x2
  • Sage plants x2
  • Winter savory
  • Ivy plants x2
  • Thyme plants x2
  • Honeysuckle plants x2
  • Young pine plant
  • Large window box, compost and crocks


Foliage plays a central role in this window box, which means it looks good even before the citrus-coloured tulips and primroses burst into bloom in spring, adding a zesty splash of colour to your window ledge.
Plant it: September - October
At its best: February - March
Takes just: 20 minutes

How to do it:

1 Position the window box in its final position, and place a layer of crocks at the bottom, then three-quarters fill with compost.

2 Position the pine seedling centrally in the box, then plant the tulip bulbs on either side of it (at a depth of three times the length of bulb), and the primroses in front of them.

3 Place an ivy at either end of the box, then add all the other plants. Fill the container with compost, to within 5cm of the rim, firming around the plants with your fingers to squeeze out any air pockets.

Our tip

If you plan to keep the plants in the container for longer than six months, use a slow-release granular feed to nourish them.
The young pine seedling acts as a focal point in this box, and it can be planted out into the garden afterwards.

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