Rehmannia elata

Chinese foxglove

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Half hardy

Skill level


photo by Mark Bolton, copyright GAP Photos (43495)

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This delicate perennial is a particularly stunning summer plant that produces large, bright pinky-red bellflowers with yellow-spotted throats. The bells grow from rosettes of grey-green leaves and appear much like our native foxgloves, but with shorter, more delicate dark-red stems. The plant can be a little tender in colder areas around the UK, and it grows best in well-drained soil in a sunny, sheltered site. If it is planted in a cooler area, it will need protective layer of mulch in the autumn to keep out the drying winter winds. The plant does produce seed in the autumn, so if there's a chance of losing the plant to frost and cold, collect the seeds as a precautionary measure.

Genus: Rehmannia

Species: elata

Hardiness: Half hardy

Skill level: Experienced

Height: 60cm

Spread: 40cm

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the picture is wrong for Rehmannia elata a better picture is shown here


Yes this is not the right picture. I have it in my garden. Its a lovely pink flower.

green fingers

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