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Stephanotis floribunda

Madagascar jasmine

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Plant type

Evergreen climber

Flower colour



Flowers, Scented flowers



Skill level


photo by Neil Holmes, copyright GAP Photos (31262)

Plant details

The Madagascar jasmine, makes a delightful scented houseplant for a warm room. The white, waxy blooms give off a rich sent that will spread throughout the house. Grow in a light spot out of direct sunlight to prevent the leaves scorching. It needs a warm, humid environment to thrive, so choose a warm spot and mist the foliage regularly with an atomiser. Feed with a liquid fertiliser every 2-3 weeks to keep plants healthy.

Family: Asclepiadaceae

Genus: Stephanotis

Species: floribunda

Plant type: Evergreen climber

Flower colour: White

Foliage colour: Dark green

Feature: Flowers, Scented flowers

Sun exposure: Partial shade

Soil: Well-drained/light, Moist

Hardiness: Tender

Skill level: Experienced

Height: 50cm

Spread: 30cm

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Pearse Carty

I seem to have no problem propagating these very speedily from seed. The problems arise when they are about 1 cm. tall. They then seem to rot, and do die off. What am I doing wrong? Anyone? Thank you.

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