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Weigela 'Bristol Ruby'


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Deciduous shrub

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Weigela 'Bristol Ruby'

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Weigelas are easily grown, undemanding plants that soon develop into fine leafy shrubs with showy early summer flowers and, in some cases, attractive variegated foliage. Varieties of both kinds have evolved from the most popular species, Weigela florida, a Far Eastern species introduced in 1848 and used many times since to sire new hybrids.

Weigela 'Bristol Ruby' has mid-green leaves, which are complemented by deep red, funnel-shaped flowers in summer. It's perfect for growing in a mixed border and its flowers are loved by bees.

Grow Weigela 'Bristol Ruby' in moist but well-drained soil in full sun to partial shade. To prune, cut back shoots to a strong pair of buds just after they have bloomed. Once the plant is established, cut back about a quarter of the older stems to ground level every year to encourage new growth.

Family: Caprifoliaceae

Genus: Weigela

Cultivar: Bristol Ruby

Plant type: Deciduous shrub

Flower colour: Red

Foliage colour: Mid-green

Feature: Flowers

Sun exposure: Full sun

Soil: Well-drained/light, Clay/heavy, Chalky/alkaline

Hardiness: Hardy

Skill level: Beginner

Height: 240cm

Spread: 180cm

Time to take cuttings: July to August

Flowering period: April to June

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I have had a wiegela for four years now and it has never flowered, what am I doing wrong?:(

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