Poetry competition 2012 winners

Children's category, 10 and under

The judges loved the winning poem in this category, by Emily Lumley, aged seven, for the creative use of language. They were also very impressed with Toby Johnston’s entry, which won the runner up prize. Read both, now.


I love the winter's darkness
by Emily Lumley (seven), London

I love the winter's darkness,
And icicles that hang like knives,
My fingers in the cold are frozen,
But the snowflakes land on my nose,
Like wet kisses,
Crunch, crunch, crunch my feet in the snow,
Like walking in a field of cornflakes,
And my breath like smoke,
As if I were a little dragon,
Snowmen are real people,
Except their carrot noses,
I love the winter’s darkness,
Because it feels like magic.


Judges' comments

"This is such a sweet poem, full of terrific descriptions: the snowflakes like wet kisses, the walking on a field of cornflakes. It really creates the feel of walking in the snowy night-time." Pam Ayres

"Fantastic. I love the wet kisses of the snowflakes and the breath like dragon smoke." Sarah Langan

Runner up

Water, through the seasons
by Toby Johnston (eight), Nottinghamshire

Each tiny drop falling from a cloud opens up their parachute and strikes like a bullet down to Earth
Water slams against the hard, jagged surface of the sandy rock,
As the water splashes off the massive rock, it leaves a painted picture of a shield bug on the dark surface of an easel.
The sparkling blue sea wrestles with the aggressive black rocks of despair, while a
dark blue shark darts between the two destructive forces.
A giant crash of a lake smashes onto a snow covered mountain sending sheep running astray.
When the water freezes into ice, it becomes as shiny as a sunlit mountain sunrise,
The water mines down, eating away at the stony heart of a gleaming diamond.


Judges' comments

"Congratulations to Toby for this impressive piece of work, the imagery and descriptions are stunning. I loved the dark blue shark darting between sea and “black rocks of despair,” the shield bug reference, the sheer confidence of the language." Pam Ayres


The prizes for the children’s 10 and under and 11-14 categories were provided by Macmillan Children’s Books. To purchase these poetry books at 20 per cent discount, visit panmacmillan.com/MCBpoetry.

Additional prizes, including Revolting Rhymes by Roald Dahl were supplied by Puffin Books. Find out more at puffin.co.uk.

Book covers: Big Book of Bad Things and Revolting Rhymes


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