Pure Rain oxygenating watering tools

Boost plant growth

Have you ever noticed that your plants look a lot healthier after it has rained? Now, with the new range of oxygenating watering tools from Pure Rain, you can experience the benefits of natural rainwater on demand – even when it’s completely dry outdoors. Find out how, below.

Why Pure Rain?

Pure Rain: up to 30 per cent more growth

Pure Rain products add millions of microscopic nano-bubbles – each the fraction of the width of human hair – to ordinary hose water. The extra oxygen delivered by nano-bubbles helps your plants absorb nutrients faster, making them healthier, stronger and more resistant to disease.

By simply attaching them to your garden hose and watering, Pure Rain products can increase leafy growth by up to 30 per cent. Best of all, Pure Rain does this without adding any chemicals – just the way nature intended.


The Pure Rain product range

Pure Rain Handheld range

Handheld Guns

The Handheld range is ideal for anyone wanting to boost the growth of their leafy plants, flowers and vegetables. Each of the three models, Gun, Gun Plus and Gun Pro, feature the patented oxygenating chamber. Watch through the clear-view window as it transforms ordinary hose water into highly oxygenating water. The Plus and Pro models feature a jet spray function – perfect for cleaning muddy boots, or your driveway and the extra-large watering face on the Pro model makes it easy to water larger areas faster.


Pure Rain Reach


If you struggle to water your hanging baskets, or you grow lots of hard-to-reach plants, the Reach Plus model from Pure Rain is the solution for you. With a telescopic neck and adjustable head, you can choose the best spray angle for the job. The Easy Hold Handle™ allows you to hold The Reach in a variety of ways, giving you the leverage you need to water all your plants.


Pure Rain Water Station

Water Station

The Water Station Plus is an easy-to-use sprinkler system that delivers oxygen-rich water, for a healthier lawn and borders. It features a stable, no-tip base and can be used singularly on small lawns or you can link multiple units together to give larger lawns a thorough watering. The hose flow-through feature also lets you connect another hose for use elsewhere while the Water Station is in use.


How to buy Pure Rain products

To find out more about Pure Rain products, visit purerain.co.uk.

You can purchase products directly from the site, or view a list of stockists.