RSPB - Giving Nature a Home

Help to build a million homes for wildlife

Giving Nature a Home is a new campaign from the RSPB to create a million new homes for threatened UK wildlife. Discover how you can help in your garden, below.

The wildlife housing crisis

A recent report, The State of Nature, compiled by 25 nature organizations, showed that 60 per cent of the wildlife species studied have declined over recent decades. That’s over half of our UK wildlife, including familiar, much-loved species such as ladybirds, butterflies, starlings and hedgehogs.

These species face further declines unless we all help to provide them with better habitats. The RSPB Giving Nature a Home shows how gardeners can do their bit to provide garden wildlife with a space to feed, shelter and raise their young.

Helping garden wildlife doesn’t require much effort – just a few simple actions can make a huge difference. Find out how you can create garden habitats for wildlife, below, then visit the Giving Nature a Home website to download your free guide, for more ideas and advice.

How you can help

Wildlife shelter Build a wildlife shelter
A generously planted garden can offer many places for wildlife to feed, shelter and breed. But you can give birds, bats or hedgehogs some extra help by building them a shelter, or buying a ready-made wildlife box.

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Starling Give your mower a rest
Your lawn can be a great home for wildlife - especially if you let it grow. Raise the height of mower blades for longer grass, ideal for bugs, which provide a vital source of food for wildlife. It may also attract butterflies, moths and grasshoppers.

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Make a pondMake a pond (even a mini-pond)
Even the smallest pond can attract dragonflies, frogs, pond-skaters and newts, and give wildlife a place to drink and bathe. If you don't have a garden you still help widlife by making a mini-pond from a pot or washing bowl, on a balcony.

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Download your free guide

Download your guide To help the RSPB create a million new homes for wildlife, visit the Giving Nature a Home website, to download your free guide. It's packed with inspiring ideas and practical tips on supporting threatened UK wildlife species in your garden.

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