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Whether you’re new to growing from seed or more experienced, our Seed Club offers you great deals on seeds, timely reminders and practical seed-sowing advice. Every month, Sally Nex will be guiding you through the key sowing and growing jobs.


Winter isn't quite over yet. So I'm retreating to my cosy greenhouse, where I'll ease my itching green fingers by starting off sweet peas and the very first, hardiest veg. I’ll also be starting off greenhouse crops in the heated propagator. And I’ll be getting things ship-shape for start of the growing year proper. Next stop, spring!

Sally Nex


Veg jobs for February

Veg jobs

  • Line a wooden crate with polythene, fill with seed compost and sprinkle lettuce seed on top. Then pop a sheet of glass over the lot for earliest-ever salads
  • Sow beetroot seeds 5cm apart in a shallow drill and cover with a cloche for a head start on the growing season. Or sow under cover
  • Cover veg beds with clear polythene to warm the soil for sowing seeds direct next month
  • Run a hoe over your veg plot to catch any annual weeds that have germinated during the winter
  • Switch on your heated propagator and set it at 20°C to start off tender greenhouse crops like tomatoes, giving them the long growing season they need
  • Sow chard one seed to each cell in a module tray and pop them on a bright windowsill to germinate
  • Dig a trench where you'll be planting climbing beans and fill with kitchen scraps, shredded newspaper and well-rotted manure for a super-rich growing environment
  • Sow a tray of parsley in a cool greenhouse or cold frame for planting out later. Be patient, though, as the seeds can take up to three weeks to germinate


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Flower jobs for February

Flower jobs

  • Sow sweet peas in a cool greenhouse or cold frame using cardboard loo roll. They're cheap and very effective as they give the seedlings the long root run they need
  • In dry spells, get seedbeds ready for sowing next month. Fork them over lightly and remove weeds and large stones. Then rake into a fine texture like breadcrumbs
  • Sow some love-in-a mist (Nigella) seeds now for early flowers. Sow into module trays under cover for planting out as seedlings in April
  • Pop larkspur seeds in the fridge to give them a quick spell of chilling for a couple of weeks – this helps improve germination
  • Improve drainage by digging plenty of coarse grit into any spots of claggy soil where you'd like to sow your flower seeds ­– seeds sulk in damp conditions
  • Plan colour combinations and plant partners you want to try and draw a sketch on paper, so you remember where to sow and plant later in the year
  • Stock up on modules, seed trays and good-quality seed compost for the main seed-sowing frenzy which starts next month!


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